Erik van Mechelen

Erik van Mechelen

Motion to Remove

24 05 03 Motion to remove Severson and Peterson24 05

City council votes 5-0 to hand count 4/4 precincts in PER

Originally posted by the Anoka County Election Integrity Team Rolf

Return to In-Person Voting

A Unanimous 3-0 Vote on Tuesday night reverted Collegeville Township

Collegeville passed resolution to become mail only

Klein worries mail-in balloting will increase the likelihood of fraud. “There are a lot of us who do not believe mail-in balloting is safe. And so, we’re wondering why we were forced into this when none of ‘we the people from Collegeville Township want that,’ or no one that I know of anyway.”

Hand Count Opportunity

There is a hand count opportunity in Minnehaha County on May 4 - 9am-5pm in Sioux Falls

Sherburne Auditor-Treasurer Diane Arnold Announces Retirement

Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 382.02, the County Board will begin its effort to select and appoint an Auditor-Treasurer to complete the balance of the current elected term, which ends on Jan 4, 2027.

In-person voting resolution

WHEREAS municipalities may opt-in to become mail-in only—and once decided, a municipality may opt out, that is, once again have in-person voting precincts for election day voting access

Minnesota Voting Rights Act

"Protected class" means a class of citizens who are members of a racial, color, or language minority group, or who are members of a federally recognized Indian Tribe, including a class of two or more such groups.

HF4772 & SF4729

In precincts using ballot tabulators, once the final count of ballots agrees with the number of ballots to be counted, election judges must immediately prepare the summary statement in accordance with section 204C.24 and seal the ballots...

Otter Tail

Those of you who believe MNGOP leadership, including DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES to conventions and the State Central Committee, should be familiar with the laws, Constitution and rules of OUR Party....