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The Mississippi River
Citizens in Anoka County began speaking with their commissioners prior to commissioner board meetings in 2022 although their group started up in late summer of 2021. In 2023, because of their consistency, a public comment segment was added to the end of commissioner board meetings, but notably the c…
Morrison County Patriots Work Together to Collect Thousands of Signatures to Rescind Unpopular Commissioner DecisionPetition receipt with signatures to rescind resolution to appoint Auditor-TreasurerMidwest SeedsErik van MechelenPetition to Reverse Resolution to Appoint Auditor-Treasurer in Morrison…
Page in progress. Citizens of Sherburne made repeat visits to their county commission meetings beginning in early 2022. By mid 2022 it was clear the county would not offer a public hearing and only did one meeting with the group asking questions. On August 2, 2022, one citizen was removed