How to separate wheat from chaff by asking for Cast Vote Records (in 9 minutes!)

Rick Weible recently went on a national broadcast speaking about CVRs. (Scroll to bottom of this email for those clips—they are the best description of CVRs and commentary on the recent passage of HF1830 in Minnesota.)

If you are looking to take action right now—and we need someone in every county in Minnesota—then skip to the part below that says “What to do today (this only takes 9 minutes).”

We are in the process of clarifying which county staff are for election transparency. This has been occurring for much of the last couple years. But that filtering has accelerated with the passage of HF1830, which effectively will ban cast vote records from being shown to the public.

By the end of this email, you will know what CVRs are, why they are important, and what you can do today (in less than 5 minutes) to help other Minnesotans learn who wants to help and who could be actively participating in a coverup of major proportions.

What is a Cast Vote Record (CVR)?

A Cast Vote Record refers to 1) ballot images that are scanned by an tabulator or 2) the interpretive file of that scan.

Why are CVRs important?

CVRs provide an immediate internal audit of the tabulator's tally of votes per ballot. A review of CVRs is not currently part of any state's formal audit process, although analysis of CVRs has led to further questions in some counties as well as revealed nationwide patterns that strongly suggest centralized manipulation.

Cast vote records have long been an audit tool standardized by the Election Assistance Commission, the National Institute of Science, and are a requirement for tabulator certification in Minnesota.

When we moved away from hand counts after the “hanging chad” situation in 2000 (which was a setup to usher in machines—read book, [S]elections in Minnestoa for free here), it only made sense to ensure the machines could at least audit themselves. So for 18 years that has been a requirement.

In the last two years, entire states and many county auditors around the country have been unable to provide them even though they are responsible for managing their county’s elections.

The MN Secretary of State and the SD Secretary of State both made comments suggesting they didn’t exist or that they weren’t available.

Last year I began my investigation along with many others.

Minnesota's CVR timeline

-March 2022 - Todd County Attorney says this data is neither created nor stored anywhere

-September 2022 - Fillmore County releases their cast vote record and it is analyzed, proving CVR existence in Minnesota (available on

-May 2023 - publication of Fingerprints of Fraud, Vol. 1 by Jeffrey O’Donnell analyzing about 200 CVRs nationwide, revealing patterns suggesting centralized manipulation across states

-Late May 2023 - passage of HF1830 in the Minnesota Legislature, which once signed into law effectively bans the release of CVRs to the public

What to do today (this only takes 9 minutes)

This will take you under 10 minutes.

It is recommend to occur in every county in Minnesota.

This will seperate the wheat from the chaff.

  1. Find out who your county commissioner, county auditor, and county administrator are - take down their email addresses.
  2. Download and edit one of the following documents so that it is tailored to your specific county. We want to ask for General Election 2020 CVRs and Midterm Election 2022 CVRs. If you prefer just to ask for Midterm Election 2022 CVRs, that is fine.
  3. Send an email making this public data request as it is still legal to release these records.

For counties with ES&S equipment:

ES&S Cast Vote Record request

For counties with Dominion equipment:

Dominion Cast Vote Record request

For counties with Hart equipment:

Hart Cast Vote Record request

When you receive a reply, please forward it to and

The Latest Background from Rick Weible

Much of Rick Weible’s work can be found on Midwest Swamp Watch.

Here are more CVR tools you can use.

Lincoln County, SD where commi


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