Would you Care to Update Your Explanations?

Would you Care to Update Your Explanations?

The prompt appears on the corner of your screen, asking if you'd like to update your computer. New features, fixes, and security.

Do you:

  • Do it now?
  • Try again in one hour?
  • Ask me again tomorrow?

Each day I'm confronted with information. Is it new?, is it relevant?, is it timely?, are a few questions that may consciously filter.

But if I'm honest, my subconscious is doing a decent bit of filtering ahead of my awareness or attention to information presented.

So, how good a job is that subconscious (protoconscious?) layer doing?

How would I even begin to investigate that?

What, further, are my explanations for how this process even occurs?

Seeking better explanations is a feature inherent to every human. In David Deutsch's The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World, he defines explanations as follows:

Explanations: Assertions about what is out there and how it behaves.

I can ask the question of myself: What is in there and how does it operate?

Can this be tweaked?, can it be changed outright?


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