Are you OK?

Just checking in. Are you OK?

This is a mailing list, and yet I do care and yes I am gently asking.

As for me, I'm making the small commitment to train my long-term attention, primarily through morning reading. Today at dawn I read the introduction of Slavoj Žižek’s The Sublime Object of Ideology. There are prerequisites, so be prepared to pause and pull up additional resources and references.

Maybe you’d prefer something, shall we say, lighter?

Having read considerably more in the past year, I’ve learned how to be aware of my moods and sentiments, and to better discern the ‘right book’ for that version of myself that day.

Care to share about yourself?—briefly, please—including your present mood or set of interests? If so, I’ll take a few moments to dig up a possible short story or novel that seems best to provide a personalized nourishment based on what you’ve shared.