At the Mountains of Madness

In five days more, the Arkham and Miskatonic, with all hands and equipment on board, were shaking clear of the thickening field ice and working up Ross Sea with the mocking mountains of Victoria Land looming westward against a troubled antarctic sky and twisting the wind's wails into a wide-ranged musical piping which chilled my soul to the quick.

So begins At the Mountains of Madness, by H.P. Lovecraft, in this macabre thriller of Antarctic exploration…

This short novella’s excellent pacing drew me across the frigid windswept Antarctic flats and eventually, finally, over the mountain ridges to places I was not expecting.

With the quoted passage above, we know the narrator has survived. But now, with expedition partner having gone slightly mad, he has set to recollecting the key moments to dissuade a currently mounting voyage to the same mountains of madness.

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