Chapter 1

Met with some patriots last night who are still not clear on how rigged our election system currently is. They say they understand but are still willing to spend time ballot harvesting. If you understand how controlled the current process is, then you would help us to change it as a top priority. With unrigged elections, good candidates will be elected everywhere representing the will of the voters.

However, I do not put their misunderstanding on them.

I put it on me.

I have to own that and improve how I communicate what I am learning.

Chapter 1

“When God tells you what to do, you cannot hesitate.” — Sound of Freedom

Most elections in America are rigged and have been rigged for a long time. In recent years, with a fully integrated electronic system, the cheater's toolbox has expanded beyond mere ballot stuffing to more sophisticated approaches. Now, every one of the four components of the election ecosystem, from voter registration, to voter validation, to tabulation, to reporting, can be controlled and fine-tuned to engineer an outcome. Any election can be undermined subtly not only with a high level of precision but also without the knowledge of most voters and most election officials.

Newly [s]elected officials may go on to pass laws which further corrupt an already corrupted process, such as the mandating of electronic voting equipment (which facilitates fraud) and making the cast vote record ballot images non-public data (removing the public's ability to audit the tabulation component of the ecosystem)—both of these were passed in Minnesota's 93rd legislative session concluded in May, 2023.

It is possible that manual hand counting, which is part of a transparent solution to a host of present issues with tabulation and reporting, could be banned. Elections, which were once locally controlled at the county or precinct level, are now in the hands of the state or non-governmental entities, often private corporations. Instead of adhering to stricter cybersecurity standards and rigorous transparent audits, the contracts that counties or collections of counties have with the corporations that effectively determine the outcomes of elections continue to favor secrecy instead of transparency, further eroding trust with the public.

On October 13, 2016, candidate Trump said:

"This is not simply another 4-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not We The People reclaim control over our government."

That implied that we were heading into uncharted territory. Not a crossroads in America's history but a "crossroads in the history of our civilization". Human civilization on Earth. "Reclaiming" because a coup occurred in 1963 when America's own intelligence agencies signed off on the assassination of a president who on June 10, 1963 spoke powerfully about peace. "Whether or not" because We the People do have a choice: We can reclaim our rightful and righteous position as a check and balance against the first three branches of government, or we can continue to allow the intelligence agencies to control the flow of information and much else. That would be to act like slaves and be treated that way, ignoring the fact that the Sound of Freedom has been rung and that God has declared that His children are not for sale.

Those who see themselves as the slave owners—those who look down on you who are reading this book—they perhaps do not understand your motivation. Patient persistence towards peace is an everlasting fountain. From that enduring source we are constantly renewed. Remember this also: When God tells us what to do, we cannot hesitate.

This short book will be a followup to [S]elections in Minnesota. Where that book shared anecdotes from my early research through June 2022, this one will share glimpses of what I’ve learned since from those patriots who did not hesitate to defend our country from the enemy within and who I believe will not rest until we have peace.