How Mandates Can Unify Americans

How Mandates Can Unify Americans
Rocio uses sandals to play a makeshift drum in the opening scene of Sound of Freedom

Last night I watched Sound of Freedom. If you haven’t seen it, consider doing so before it is taken out of theaters—get free tickets at or buy someone else a ticket—3.9 million tickets have already been paid forward, doubling the goal of 2 million.

I see about 1 or 2 films per year in theaters (2000 Mules in a special screening and Sound of Freedom were the last two, plus Selection Code on the big screen at The Moment of Truth Summit), and I am thankful to my friend Andrei who recommended I go see Sound of Freedom yesterday and for my brother and friend who joined on short noticed to go along.

This film was made and completed in 2018 but its release was delayed until a few days ago.

Vaccine Mandates

Mandates for ineffective vaccines didn’t go over well with many Americans. Around 100 million Americans declined any covid injections outright with many more opting out of the boosters. Even the head of a major hospital in Washington State I spoke with who thought the MRNA inventors would win Nobel Prizes admitted there were other options to treat the symptoms.

Besides this post (when the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul mandated vaccine cards be shown at restaurants even when cases, deaths, and hospitalizations were decreasing) I’ve spent very little time writing about health issues because others have studied the details more closely. It has however piqued my interest in all vaccines, especially the greatly increased infant and childhood schedule, which has now been shown by Dr. Paul Thomas to increase the likelihood of numerous illnesses including cancer, ADHD, and autism by orders of magnitude.

Looking back, what was interesting to me was how Americans living in Minneapolis worked ‘across party lines’ to combat the tyrannical decision from their weak mayors—Mayor Frey was sued by several restaurant owners, and shortly thereafter reversed the mandate. Not long before, Lisa Hanson was put in jail for for violating the mandates—she kept her restaurant open in Albert Lea and will be remembered as one of very few restaurant owners in Minnesota to have the courage to do so.

Machine Mandates

At the very end of what Tim Walz called the most successful legislative session in history, tucked into a multi-hundred page omnibus bill was an amendment to an election statute that mandates electronic voting equipment IF a county has previously used electronic voting equipment. At the same time the tabulators’ internal audits (the ballot images) were made non-public data. Minnesota is the first of any state to pass such laws, making the already shadowy election process almost completely dark.

In plain American English: If you live in Minnesota, you have no way of how your vote was counted or whether it was counted at all, nor how anyone else’s vote was counted AND your county MUST use electronic voting equipment if it previously did so (which is every county, all 87).

You might be surprised to hear that I agree with Tim Walz calling this the most successful legislative session.

Before I explain, do not mistake the above statement for agreement with abortion laws on par with North Korea and China nor with corrupt election laws which mandate machines which have been shown to facilitate fraud.

So allow me to explain how I agree with Tim Walz (who by the way was likely illegitimately elected not once, but twice).

During the Special Message 2 minutes after the credits roll on Sound of Freedom, Tim Caviezel quotes Steve Jobs: “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”

A roadblock I and others ran into in the last couple years was that the election subversion story wasn’t clear. There weren’t obvious good guys and bad guys. But with these laws, it can no longer be denied. (Has your representative spoken out about this? If not, why not give them a call and find out if they even know this law was tucked into HF1830…)

The simple fact is that no Minnesota voter can any longer verify their own vote and therefore the election totals, including both the unofficial results shown to you on TV and the official results spun up about a week or so later during the county and state canvassing board certifications.

That is, IF the law stands.

Without transparency and no way to properly audit the registration process or the election results, the trustworthiness of elections is at the very least called into question. At worst, for many of us, it is already untenable.

Without public trust in democratic elections, there can be no republican form of government.

How This Story Unifies All Americans

I’ve spoken with a number of people who used to vote this way or that way or not at all (under the now mostly-useless labels like liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, left wing, right wing, libertarian, etc.) … the numbers are increasing across the board who understand that such laws cannot stand if we are to have a peaceful election process.

But if these laws remain on the books in the 2024 legislative session, it will be interesting to see how the public responds in their interactions with local government. Why? Because local government still has a role to play in running elections. They still get to decide whether to use electronic poll pads (poll books for registration which aide in the centralization and manipulation of election results), which are not mentioned in the new law which mandates electronic voting equipment. Also, they could still hand count their elections side by side with the machine tabulation. (Additionally, local non-state-level elections, such as city elections or school board elections, are not mandated to use electronic voting equipment.)

There are many things local representatives could do that are completely within even the current corrupt laws to protect the voters in their counties, townships, and cities. Let’s see what they do. If they say nothing—but more importantly, do nothing—then they join the very long list of currently elected officials who have shown themselves unfit in the future to ever hold office again.

Meanwhile, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to feel, the dots are starting to connect between what we see at the border, with what we hear about the corruption of our election process, with what we feel about mandates in multiple domains which attempt to violate human decency and our divine agency.

What Kind of Peace Do We Seek?

One month ago was the 60th anniversary of JFK’s peace speech.

It’s long past time to make peace with our brother and realize that no more ground can be given up. Fortunately, patriots everywhere are learning how to work together. I’ve been witness to that in the past two years all across this state and country.

In 2018 when Sound of Freedom was made, there were more slaves in the world than at any time in history, including when slavery was legal. Most of those slaves, the film said, are children.

But God’s children are not for sale. And with Minnesota ranking 3rd highest (1st being the worst) among the 50 states for human trafficking, there is much good work for us all to do. As stewards, custodians, and caretakers of this Earth, our land must be scoured, and that work begins by looking in the mirror each new day and deciding how one will contribute to that mission—be the change you seek.

The story is now clear. It is only a matter of deciding which role you will play. Ask Yeshua and you may get your answer.

“When God tells you what to do, you cannot hesitate.” — Sound of Freedom