Coup Attempt in SD50 Ahead of Precinct Caucus

There are a growing number of grassroots men and women who are standing up to those who seek to rule over us in Minnesota. On the GOP side, this is likely to decimate the loosening grip on power the party elites once enjoyed, come precinct caucus, February 27, 2024.

In the email below, the actions described seem to follow a similar pattern to those taken against Edwin Hahn, as seen in Republican Party of Minnesota, Clay County BPOU vs. Edwin Hahn and Republicans of Clay County, 14-CV-23-51—Edwin has counter-claimed for theft, defamation, and conspiracy. (All this was not disclosed by the MNGOP at the state central meeting on Dec 9, 2023, where arguably it should have been, if only at least from a financial perspective.)

First a bit of background, and then the email to follow…

SD50 Was Reclaimed (For We the People)

What has transpired in SD50, a central and metro hub (Edina/Bloomington) in the MNGOP’s statewide infrastructure, is interesting, and I’ve witnessed part of it first hand.

The individuals that the former SD50 Executive Committee members want to oust are exactly those men and women whom I witnessed them try to cheat out of their elections—fortunately I was there to call them out and prevent the cheating because Molly, who was elected, had the foresight to invite me to be an observer that day (March 2023)… Interestingly, as I review the spreadsheet used to fumble/adjust vote tallies, I see that the infiltrators of the grassroots slate did not have their excel rows adjusted like my friends did. Why would that be? Now we know, as those friends of Tom Emmer, David Hann, et al, have shown their colors.

Barb, Randy, and Xavier (likely elected to state central through cheating, as ballots were claimed to have been shredded within 24 hours, preventing an audit) posing for photo at MNGOP state central meeting on Dec 9, 2023

And now the group that lost those elections is trying the following stunt, it seems with the backing of the MNGOP’s failed leadership. Keep in mind that Randy Sutter, partner of Committeewoman Barb Sutter, was for reasons unknown to me backstage in the vote counting and tallying room multiple times. More on that in due time.

Begin email from SD50

SD50 Constituent,

It has come to our attention that a handful of disgruntled former SD50 Executive Committee members comprised of establishment “Republicans” seek to call an illegitimate Full Committee Meeting contrary to SD50’s Bylaws as well as the MN GOP Constitution in an effort to smear and remove several duly-elected SD50 Executive Committee members. Any action taken at such an illegitimate meeting is without force or effect. This continues an unfortunate pattern of ongoing disruption your new leadership has experienced over the past year at the hands of long-time former "leaders" and their affiliates outside of our own SD50.

The SD50 Executive Committee is diligently preparing for caucus on Tuesday, February 27, including revamping our digital presence to an improved website

- stay tuned for more updates) and communications outreach platform.

As your new grassroots conservative leadership, we could not be more excited to host this year’s caucus for you.  We encourage all freedom loving Americans that subscribe to the traditional Republican values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to participate, because it is YOU and YOUR VOICE that will make a difference!

We look forward to seeing you at caucus on Tuesday, February 27!  All of SD50 (A and B side) will be at Bloomington Jefferson High School.

The SD50 Executive Committee

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