Dear New Election Officials

Dear New Election Officials
Photo by Justin Wilkens / Unsplash

A checklist for those fresh on the job to ensure transparency and security

Do you have a new election official?

Rick Weible has rightly pointed out a checklist for new election officials:

We should make sure the new election official did the work on page 66-67 (End-to-End Voting System Acceptance Test)....

"Election officials should conduct this test on all newly acquired voting systems and after any event that could have altered the voting system, such as a system upgrade or if the EMS hardware leaves the custody and control of the election authority.

For instance, Dakota County had a changing of the guard...

And here's a checklist after a public accuracy test:

During Public Accuracy Tests, ask for Ballot Images and CVRs, there are not voter issues here…so privacy is not an issue at all.

  1. Get sample ballots from every precinct
  2. Get test decks copies, and review where the folds may impact elections
  3. Evaluate if they tested enough ballots with folds for each test deck
  4. Get the Cast Vote Records
  5. Get the Ballot Images (there is no Personal Identifying Information)
  6. Get the log files (system and election)

If they can not provide this, they have not proven they know how to use the election equipment, nor have they proven the systems are secure.

Thank you as always to Rick Weible for his continuing contributions to our country and state, even while living across the border in South Dakota.

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