Edwin Hahn Endorsement for Deputy Chair of Minnesota Republican Party

Edwin Hahn is running to be the next Deputy Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party.

Under the cover of darkness, my father defected from the brutal socialist regime of North Korea. To escape oppression, he was forced to abandon his parents and siblings, and arrived in the United States without a dollar in his pocket. With my father’s courage, and his determination to live free, I am fighting to preserve liberty in our land.

—Edwin Hahn

For years Edwin has worked tirelessly and continues to patiently persist in order to preserve liberty in Minnesota.

He was one of 7 people to contest a 2020 election in Minnesota, facing off against Perkins Coie, and was removed from the line at the MNGOP state convention after the Party called the Rochester police to prevent Edwin’s powerful presence.

Edwin has my complete and total endorsement.

Do you know one of the 300 state central delegates in your area? If so, why not share this with them? Then they will have informed consent both when nominating and when voting this Saturday, December 3rd, at the MNGOP State Central Committee meeting.

The following is an email sent from Edwin Hahn to state central delegates. If you know state central delegates in your area, please ask them whether they’ve received this. Encourage them to spend some time learning about Edwin.

Dear ****,

A BIG THANK YOU to all our 2022 volunteers and believers! You are the remnant which will save America. Know that we are just getting started and there are many, MANY more God-fearing Men and Women like you being called up to service!

Thank you for courageously sticking with us and inviting others to join the fight for what is true, just, honorable, and worthy of praise!

Remember - we don't fight to WIN - we fight to gain STRENGTH for the NEXT battle!

Perhaps you are shocked that the big "Red Wave" in Minnesota turned out to be a pathetic dribble, or you may be wondering what to do now that the 2022 [s]elections are over?

Visit edwinformn.com

There are many tangible and effective action items you can do to WIN today, #1 being:

Change the Course and Leadership Which Failed Us in 2022

NOW is the time to set the course straight for 2024 - We must address the ROOT issue and re-establish our TRUE conservative foundation moving forward. 2024 is up to YOU TODAY - Choose LIFE that you may LIVE.

Republicans don’t win by compromising Republican values for Democrat virtues

Edwin Hahn for MNGOP Deputy Chair

I, Edwin Hahn, request your support if you desire substantive change in Republican election results and processes. I have decided to run for Deputy Chair.

Under the direction of Chair David Hann, Deputy Chair Donna Bergstrom, and their appointed politicos, ALL statewide endorsed Republican candidates LOST! Governor - Secretary of State - State Auditor - and - Attorney General.

How did we manage to lose despite Joe Biden and the DFL crazy train?

Local races were affected as well. Across Minnesota, we had strong conservative candidates running for School Board, City Council, County Office, and State House, and Senate.

Undoubtedly, Hann and Bergstrom’s actions interfered with the grassroots' ability to communicate, fundraise, and mobilize their campaigns. As a result, numerous Minnesota counties missed incredible opportunities to remove and replace the most liberal candidates with the strongest conservatives running.

I, Edwin Hahn, commit to support TRUE conservative candidates, local and statewide, who align with our shared Republican values.

Unlike David Hann's Republican Party, I support the Right to Life, from conception to natural death.

I, Edwin Hahn, commit to supporting the voice and votes of local party leadership and elected delegates. Unlike Hann and Bergstrom, I will not use my position to single-handedly usurp the authority of duly elected officers and/or delegates and will follow due process according to the MN GOP Constitution, Bylaws, and legitimate cause.

I, Edwin Hahn, have sworn to uphold the US Constitution - as a principled foundation - and - in action to protect the rights of We the People in the event it becomes infringed upon.

I, Edwin Hahn, commit to uphold the values and integrity of the Minnesota Republican Party Platform, including the Right to Life, Religious Liberties, Medical Freedom, Parental Rights and making government smaller and better.

Visit edwinformn.com

Remember our Republican Party Platform

In order to uphold our shared values and advance candidates, local and statewide, I need your 30 signatures of delegate support.

Will YOU help advance FREEDOM - TRUTH - and - INTEGRITY by signing the petition below?

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Blessings and gratitude,

Edwin Hahn