GF Autonomous Zone

GF Autonomous Zone

On May 15, 2023, the intersection of 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis's former "George Floyd Autonomous Zone" is quiet.

Backed up to Cup Foods’ entrance is a car, its trunk being loaded with groceries.

A woman pushes a stroller around the corner across the street where a man who was with Floyd was questioned before fleeing to Houston, Texas.

Mingled with the chirping of birds, piano music floats from beneath the former Speedway fueling station where a small group sits on benches in the sun chatting.

What really happened here three years ago? Was it an attempt to start a race war as was tried in the 1960s? Did the chaos that ensued distract people from the unconstitutional changes being made to election procedure? How long will it take for the truth, the real truth, to come out?

There were beneficiaries of the incident. George Floyd was not one of them, and nor were the common people of Minneapolis.