Trial on Sept 11, 2023

I am grateful to Drew Roach and his family because Drew (and his family who was with him) were doing their part to hold accountable a system which was trying to foist electronic voting software onto the people without their consent, which in Supreme Court case file A22-1081 it was argued was against Minnesota statute. I chose to sign on as a petitioner in this case because at the time I was a candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State and I felt it was important to bring extra attention to the case.

If you find it in your heart to support Drew Roach and his family, simply for following the law as he served papers to a city council member in Rosemount for case file A22-1081, which went to the MN Supreme Court and was not dismissed with prejudice (it was dismissed merely on laches—in other words, we had a point!), then have a read of his story below, which I’ve forward from the Dakota County Patriots.

To learn more about A22-1081, which focused on the city of Rosemount failing to notify the public when they brought in new electronic voting software (which was used in the August 9, 2022 primary election and the November 8, 2022 midterm elections), see this previous post.

As a reminder, we cannot use the same election and voting system to get out of this mess as has got us into it—the electronic centralization which controls our voices through our votes must be completely reformed by decentralizing control back to the counties and precincts for voter registration, voter validation, tabulation, and reporting.

Notice forwarded from Dakota County Patriots

Drew Roach appeared before a judge for a pretrial hearing on Thursday, April 27. His crime? Serving process (delivering court case papers) to a member of the Rosemount City Council.

At this pretrial hearing Drew learned what happened to the two men who chased, bullied, terroristically threatened and physically assaulted Sara and himself. Please remember their actions included actually choking Drew from the front twice, and then putting him in a sleeper hold and dragging him to the ground in a neighbor's yard across the street.

Like Drew, these men were also given a second, lesser charge of criminal misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Both men pled guilty to this lesser charge, and in return for their guilty plea, the court waived the first and greater charge that included brawling. They will not have a trial. They are free as long as they don't commit a similar offense within the next year.

At this pretrial hearing Drew was offered a year of probation (a criminal record) and required anger management classes if he too would plead guilty to the second, lesser charge. Such is the grievous state of justice in Minnesota.

Drew's response to the offer of a criminal record for acting within and according to Minnesota law, and then to protect his family and defend himself was, "Absolutely not!" His trial date is Monday, September 11, 2023, which is also Patriot Day!

How you can help:

Pray! Please pray!

Please pray that Drew's attorney has the conviction and courage to stay the course, and that he does his absolute best to represent Drew and get him acquitted of both charges.

Please pray that the judge and possible jury will see the blatant political motivations in charging a volunteer process server with a crime for defending himself and his family when they were attacked while trying to leave.

Please pray that God our Father in heaven will move the heart and conscience of this judge and possible jury to have Drew declared not guilty of both charges.

While we can no longer expect any form of justice or proper recompense for the perpetrators from the criminal courts, there is still a God in heaven, and he does not wink at lies.

Please pray that these two men and the former city council member will in no way profit or benefit from their actions.

Please ask that they will feel God's hand upon them, and come to a true and saving repentance the is evidenced by telling the truth where they have lied, and seeking to make amends for the harm they have done.


Drew's attorney said that the addition of the new, second charge would increase the cost of his services. However, he has not said by how much.

He originally requested a $6,000.00 retainer, plus expenses.

Thanks to the generosity of the DCP members and others, we have been able to raise the retainer and about another $4,500.00, for a total just under $10,500.00, but this was before the second charge was added.

For those who have already given, thank you for your generosity and standing with Drew against this injustice!

For those who wanted to and have not done so, or who are able to help more, please give now as you are able! These gifts are not tax deductible.

Using Givebutter:

Givebutter’s service fee is the same as GiveSendGo: 2.9% of the amount donated, plus $.30 (30 cents) per transaction.

Or to avoid the fee and give all of your dollars to Drew’s defense:

Please send a check made payable to Midwest Swamp Watch with Roach Legal Defense on the memo line to:
Midwest Swamp Watch
PO Box 8301
Brookings, SD 57006-8301

Or if you prefer to send a check directly to Drew, please make it payable to Drew Roach with Legal Defense on the memo line and mail it to:

Roach Family

312 11th ST

Farmington, MN  55024-1800

Drew has setup a separate bank account for donations for his legal defense.


Drew is a small business owner, and his business has also been attacked based on the highly prejudiced and even libelous newspaper accounts. Please support his business:

Essential Carpet Cleaners, LLC


Thank You for your support

Dakota County Patriots