New Voting System?

New Voting System?
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

If your brain was replaced would that constitute a new system?

What if YOU knew you had swapped out your brain, but I didn’t know?

To me everything appeared the same.

Is your system new?

What if the software was changed inside your computer—is that a new system?

What if the software provider, vendor, and Secretary of State knew, but didn’t tell you.

Everything appeared the same. On election day you put your ballot in the tabulator and get an “I voted” sticker.

You go home trusting all is well and that you have done your civic duty.

If We the People are not informed statutorily nor provided public demonstration according to election laws on the books when software changes, is that something we are really going to be okay with?

This just happened for the Aug 9 primary election in Minnesota.

I was one of two petitioners on Minnesota Supreme Court case filing A22-1081.

Here are the results from the court.

Read and draw your own conclusions:

22 08 05 Mnsos Memorandum Declaration Maeda90.2KB ∙ PDF fileDownloadDownload

22 08 05 Mnsos Memorandum173KB ∙ PDF fileDownloadDownload

22 08 05 Respondents Memo Declaration Fasbender3.72MB ∙ PDF fileDownloadDownload

22 08 05 Respondents Memorandum201KB ∙ PDF fileDownloadDownload

22 08 09 A22 1081 Order113KB ∙ PDF fileDownloadDownload