Apology Given to Public by County Administrator After 1st Amendment Violated

This public apology was given by the county administrator of Sherburne County today. The commissioners each followed up or concurred. One however seemed to suggest that the people were fortunate to even have a public comment time because not all Minnesota counties apparently offer it.

This comes after a flagrant violation of the 1st amendment occurred in the prior meeting where a speaker first was interrupted without reason given, then mic cut, then forcibly removed while calling out the inattention and inaction by the commissioner group. The rules of the public comment section seem to be used as a way to shield commissioners from having to take any action while giving the appearances of public appeasement.

Several speakers during the public comment expressed their disappointment with the continued inaction despite the public apology which notably was laid at the feet of the county administrator when the county administrator admitted to this writer that the head nod and point from the chairwoman was how he knew to begin interrupting the speaker in the prior meeting. So, was the silencing of displeasing factual information not the county administrator’s intent, but that of the commissioners? Or was this a planned tactic to prevent the public from hearing this vital information regarding the lack of action from their elected commissioner body despite mountains of evidence presented across numerous meetings?

What were the people bringing to the Sherburne County Commissioners attention?

First for months they shared the dangers of the Dominion Voting Systems, already proven in Mesa County, Colorado to be vulnerable and manipulated in the 2020 General and 2021 Grand Junction elections, the focus of this weekend’s debut of Selection Code (https://selectioncode.com).

Specifically most recently regarding a potential felony that was being committed as a result of introducing new systems into the county which were accepted by the municipalities and townships without first providing the statutorily required 60 day notice nor the 6 weeks of public demonstration.

8/16/2022 - public apology from county administrator and commissioners and public comment regarding Haven Township being interfered with after passing resolutions to hand tabulate

8/02/2022 - 1st amendment violated