Crow Wing Tries to Shut Down Further Election Transparency Action While Passing Resolution that Will Still Only Audit <1% of Vote Ovals

The Crow Wing County Commissioner board meetings have been the center of ongoing discussion through public comment regarding election transparency for almost a year, notably when commissioners voted 4-1 for a forensic audit which the MNSOS declined.

Even though one if not most of the commissioners, county administrator, county attorney, and others would like to see the problem and the people go away, as evidenced by the subtly written resolution passed on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, the problem is not going away until We the People have free and fair elections, not [s]elections.

This pattern of refusing to look at a mountain of evidence will likely see many commissioners across the state voted out at the end of their terms, assuming that elections can be made verifiable and transparent again prior to those elections.

This is a pattern that saw a woman get her mic cut and be forcibly removed from a Sherburne County commissioner meeting, a violation of her 1st Amendment rights. Some county commissioner meetings in the state of Minnesota don’t even have a public comment section. The public comment section itself is a way of appeasing the people where, in some places like Sherburne, no comments may be made that the commissioners would have to take action on. (The same county that tried to shut down a township resolution to both hand tally and machine tally to compare accuracy.) Some commissioner meetings in Minnesota are still digital only, another barrier for commissioners to learn about the numerous issues the people have discovered in their local election processess, laws, and electronic voting systems.

In a Brainerd Dispatch article titled “Crow Wing Board Agrees to More Strenuous Post Election Review”, reporter Chelsey Perkins actually does a nice job catching some of the important moments of the meeting, although “More Strenuous” is a bit hyperbolic for a post election review process which will increase from 2 to 4 precincts (out of 62 in Crow Wing County) and still audit less than 1% of ovals scanned in a hand tally and which will still omit entirely many races on the ballot.

In other words, the current minimum standard in Minnesota does not require an audit of even nearly every race and therefore many races go completely unaudited from the perspective of verifying that the optical scanning technology would match a hand tally (because a tiny amount of hand tallying is done in the post election reviews, less than 1% of ovals).

In the resolution brought by the county, item #4 was called out by at least one public comment speaker as unacceptable, and Commissioner Franzen agreed that the Board could not shut down the ability to take action on new information coming to them from the people.

Look no further than Selection Code for an example of proven database manipulation in the Dominion system that Crow Wing County is also using.

The key point is that everything to subvert an election exists in the machines themselves with the vendors holding most of the keys.

County Auditors and Clerks like appointed, not elected, Deborah Erickson would not be aware of election fraud executed electronically. The move to appointed election clerks in Minnesota is a dangerous trend that will make it difficult for the people to remove those who are charged with running local elections.

In the following livestreamed video, public comment speakers share their views regarding the resolution prior to the commissioner board discussing, scratching part of item #3 and all of item #4.

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