Election interference was popularized by 45's EO 13848, which Biden has extended.

This page collects writings about Minnesota's election interference, in the following categories:

  1. Legislative Interference
  2. Judicial Interference
  3. Executive Interference
  4. Political Party Interference
  5. Media Interference
  6. Local Office Interference
  7. Software & Hardware Vendor Interference

Legislative Interference

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Judicial Interference

Judicial Election Interference, Part 1
How Minnesota’s Courts have intervened, overstepping their constitutional authority Yesterday’s post, Two Wings, Same Bird, Part 1, was the first installment in a series on political election interference, that is from political parties or from those associated with them. The prior day’s post, Modems in Tabulators?, Part 1, was the
Judicial Election Interference, Part 2
Judge Gildea dismissed the case on the third count, which is based on a technicality related to service, basically a get-out-of-jail-free card for the judge in this case. Instead of look at the merits of the case, just say it wasn’t served to the appropriate people.
Judicial Election Interference, Part 3
An opening was exploited by a corrupt players in a corrupt system. Susan Shogren-Smith was determined incorrectly by Judge Leonardo Castro, the Chief Judge of Ramsey County, to have committed a fraud upon the court…

Executive Interference

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Political Party Interference

Two Wings, Same Bird, Part 1
There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
Two Wings, Same Bird, Part 2
DFL petitions to remove major party status of a rival political party In the 93rd Legislature, concluding Summer 2023, amendments were made to Minnesota Statute 202A.12 and 202A.13, namely that major political parties (as defined in 200.02) must certify their compliance with their own constitution and rules

Media Interference

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Local Office Interference

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Software & Hardware Vendor Interference

Modems in Tabulators? Part 1
While many have rightly shifted their focus to the electronic pollpads and their software, which could function for bad actors as the eyes, ears, and even the sleight of hand in an ongoing election…