Man Assaulted By Rosemount Councilmember's Son After Serving Paperwork for Election Petition

On Tuesday evening August 2nd, National Night Out, around 8:30pm, following his second attempt to serve paperwork to Rosemount Councilmember Tammy Block, Dakota County resident Drew Roach was grabbed by the throat by Block’s 20-year-old son and put in a choke hold in the street not far from his truck with kids inside.

The service was for an election-related Petition to Correct Errors and Omissions Under Minnesota Statute §204B.44 in case file A22-1081, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to stop additional illegalities from being committed on election day, August 9, 2022.

Read the full 117 pages of exhibits from the A22-1081 Supreme Court Filing

The petition was filed on the heels of a July 19, 2022 appearance by the Office of the Secretary of State’s Election Director David Maeda to speak on the potential felony occurring as a result of a new voting system being introduced without proper statutory notice and public demonstration according to Minnesota Statute 206.58, as a response to Sherburne residents days earlier notifying nearly every township and city in Sherburne County, an attempt to help them remedy the damage that could be done to the upcoming August 9 primary election.

Roach was able to land a punch and break free as neighbors came out of their houses. A 5th-degree assault charge was assessed against Daniel Tesch.

Case file A22-1081, Bill Kieffer, et al., Petitioners, vs. The Governing Body of the Municipality Rosemount, MN, Respondents is in the pre-briefing stage.

Roach has lingering injuries including chest and back pain, has been to a chiropractor and will be following up with his doctor. Nevertheless, he does not want to be thanked for doing his civic duty in delivering the service despite the aggression and assault he suffered. However his kids are still emotional about the incident and are concerned for our safety because of the threats made during the attack from Tesch and the fiance of Tamera.

Petitioner in A22-1081, Erik van Mechelen, a statewide candidate in the republican secretary of state primary election on August 9, 2022, has spoken three times during public comment in the Sherburne county commissioner board meetings, in April, in July, and in August. He was also present at several Dakota County commissioner meetings, a GPP meeting, and observed a meeting between election officials and Rick Weible regarding the ISD 196 school board race of 2021 affecting candidate Kim Bauer.

Read the full 117 pages of exhibits from the A22-1081 Supreme Court Filing