Star Trib Omits Key Info Provided by Rick Weible

In their Web of Deception: How Disinformation is Gripping America series, the Star Tribune, omits critical information in this article to understanding the new voting systems some Minnesota counties and municipalities have ushered in without following election law for this August 9, 2022 primary election where many grassroots conservatives will seek to unseat incumbents and establishment picks.

That key information had been provided to the article’s reporters by Rick Weible, and had already been in part published here.

That’s a glaring omission because the Office of the Secretary of State’s Election Director David Maeda argued this wasn’t a new system but also left out that Sherburne was going from 4.14E to 5.5C and did not already have 5.0, as some listeners may have suspected based on how he presented his interpretation.

For just a brief summary, consider the next 3 images:


The EAC defines Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite (D-Suite) Version 5.0 as a new system in its 2/17/2017 Test Report for EAC 2005 VVSG 1.0 Certification Testing Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite (D-Suite) Version 5.0 Voting System.


And here again on 6/16/2020 from the EAC’s Dominion Voting Systems D-Suite 5.5-C Test Report:

The Sherburne County Auditor-Treasurer, Diane Arnold, claims this is not a new system, but merely a software modification to the same system purchased and certified in 2016, as evidenced by an email sent to city and township clerks and election administrators.


Were any of these images included in the Star Trib article, even though Rick Weible, being interviewed for the article, provided them?

Was this press release from the EAC, which also calls it a new system, shared with Star Trib readers?

Perhaps Flodin, active in Dakota County to bring transparency to elections, explains best in her affadavit in the exhibit to Supreme Court Case File A22-1081 (Exhibits) for which secretary of state candidate Erik van Mechelen is a petitioner, how system upgrades can be understood:

Why would the Star Tribune interview Rick Weible and then leave out a key piece of information he shared with them?

Read the full 117 pages of exhibits to Supreme Court Case Filing A22-1081