May Week 2, 2023 - Minnesota Magistrates

May Week 2, 2023 - Minnesota Magistrates

Every week the commissioner engagement map and the CVR map are updated for all 87 counties in Minnesota.

Email updates to

Commissioner engagement

Use public comment or open forum during commissioner meetings (usually on Mondays or Tuesdays twice monthly) to:

  1. share updates with commissioners
  2. ask why voter registration is still controlled by the state and corporations, and
  3. ask why the county is still using electronic voting equipment proven to be highly vulnerable to election-changing manipulation and covert subversion

For examples of this, see Anoka's recent county commissioner video recordings.

Cast vote records (CVR)

Cast vote records are a critical independent audit of the electronic tabulators performed by the tabulator itself and automatically stored on the tabulator as well as encrypted on removable media (like a thumb drive).

Request these from the County Administrator or whomever is the responsible authority. (Note that in Fillmore the Auditor was able to provide the cast vote records, and therefore any auditor or administrator should be able to provide these.) See for details.

Ask for CVRs from 2020 general election and 2022 midterm election. (You can also ask for these from any local election where votes were run through tabulators... which is every election.)

View the Fillmore Cast Vote Record on

Read "Fingerprints of Fraud, Vol 1" by Jeffrey O'Donnell

Learn more about the Cast Vote Record Cover-Up in Minnesota

Act Now

Most importantly - get involved with the above activities—send all updates and questions to

You can also support Project Minnesota with a subscription here or with a subscription to Erik van Mechelen's Midwest Seeds newsletter on Election Reform.

To get up to speed on centralized and acute electronic manipulation, watch The Greater Magistrates tour event from May 7, 2023 in Monticello, featuring David Clements.