MPR Interview on Election Transparency

MPR Interview on Election Transparency
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A reporter from MPR reached out to me. They are doing a story on how “claims about election fraud/mismanagement are challenging county election officials in counties such as Sherburne and Crow Wing.”

Since I have spoken in multiple county commissioner meetings they want my take on the concerns and what we hope to accomplish.

Here’s my response as I am considering taking the interview.

Hi Kirsti,

Thanks for doing a story.

The unifying issue is election transparency—that sums up what most people I've spoken to in the last year all across this state want, from all parties and voting records.

Because even conservative outlets like Alpha News in Minnesota won't honestly cover election integrity, I've done so on this newsletter for the last year:

Never thought of myself as democrat or republican, but an American, having seen different ways of elections in Indonesia and China during my youth.

Thought America was different, but come to learn...

That everything to subvert an election exists within the machines themselves (see 11-minute mark).

Therefore who controls the machines, controls who wins.

Who controls the machines, you ask? That is a very good question.

All to be revealed soon enough.

If your story is focused on a conflict between the people and commissioners/election-offices, I'm not sure it will have as much reach as a unified effort by the people and commissioners and election staff to learn the truth about election processes and results that is being hidden by machine vendors and the SOS.

There is a defensiveness that was generated when the narrative was spread that those asking questions of election offices all over the country were doing so because they assumed complicity. That isn't necessarily the case given how subtly the electronic voting system can be manipulated, proven by episodes highlighted by Selection Code and the accompanying forensic report. Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters did not know her county's election had been subverted in 2020 and in 2021. What was shown in 2000 Mules is the cover up for the machine fraud at scale since in the event of audits the paper must match the machines.

Please view documentaries and read the reports prior to our call.

I realize that MPR has a general view on this topic but if you're willing to step into territory which may make your employer uncomfortable and could get you fired, that there are actually hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans who already understand the machines are a major problem (as evidenced by 219,000 votes for candidates in both democrat and republican SOS primaries on Aug 9 who had called out the machines), you as a reporter could stand to bridge the gap for all Minnesotans at a critical juncture.

Additionally, the majority of counties have received public data requests for the cast vote record (CVR) from the 2020 General Election, but to date no county has been able to produce this 100% time stamped view of tabulator-recorded and tabulator-tallied votes, leaving the people to trust the postelection review process which checks much less than 1% of tabulator-interpreted ovals statewide and never audits a majority of races altogether.

Here are the first two posts on the CVR coverup in Minnesota: Part 1 - Part 2.

If your employer sent you a pay stub that seemed very low and you asked to see the time card used to calculate your wages, and your employer declined to show it to you, would you be concerned?

The truth affects every Minnesotan voter and every American.

Finally, the bottom line is the machines are designed to allow fraud, and the vendors are not transparent with the source code, and our own SOS has denied the people and commissioners of Crow Wing a forensic audit they asked for, a small county that could have been accomplished earlier this year to demonstrate how clean Minnesota's elections are.

In 2018 Clint Curtis, a democrat computer programmer, went to the Netherlands, my dad's country of origin, and within 6 months they removed their machines.

What the people are going to commissioners for is to ask them to clean up their voter rolls, use paper pollbooks, and return to hand tallying paper ballots, which Minnesota Statute 206.58 supports.

These are the conditions of this interview because time is valuable for both of us:

- prior to interview, the interviewer will watch 2000 Mules, Selection Code, and read the linked reports and statutes in this email

- in their story the interviewer will agree to link this Substack Newsletter - Midwest Seeds since even conservative outlets like Alpha News have failed to cover election transparency appropriately, a disservice to their readers

- the interviewer agrees to in their article also link to Midwest Swamp Watch whose owner discovered that 734,000 absentee records were missing 5 days after the MN State Canvassing Board certified the election

- the interviewer agrees to link to this free book: [S]elections in Minnesota: How Machines Controlled 2020 and Why We Must Return to Hand Counting Paper Ballots (also available on amz/bn and audiobook) even though Patrick Colbeck’s The 2020 Coup is a better book

- the interviewer agrees to provide the interviewee with the complete video/audio recording immediately following the interview

I'm able to speak 2CT on Friday, would that work? Else Wednesday morning also works.

Cell is 203-253-2274

Zoom also fine as it would be good to speak face to face.

Can also meet in person depending on travel times.


Erik van Mechelen

Read: [S]elections in Minnesota: How Machines Controlled 2020

Research: Have you tried seeking the truth on Project Apario?