Cast Vote Record Cover Up in Minnesota: Part 2

With smoking guns on machine election fraud like this one (Jeffrey Lenberg, soon to be household name in America - start video at 11 minute mark) revealed almost daily, keeping up with election news isn’t easy.

A good start for friends unfamiliar with the last 22 months of work are the documentaries 2000 Mules (ballot stuffing at scale via paid mules) or Selection Code (proof of digital manipulation in Dominion Election Management System in Mesa County, Colorado).

In the future elections will likely be one day in small precincts where all votes will be hand tallied, completely eliminating 2000-Mules-type ballot stuffing and Selection-Code-type database manipulation.

In Part 1 of this series on Cast Vote Records and their importance to election transparency, Todd, Chisago, and Washington County were highlighted. Todd and Chisago were chosen because this writer was directly involved—that work was previously published in this book.

A short pamphlet could be written detailing the rejections received from additional counties across the state. With the September 3, 2022 date being the first day counties may destroy records, many were unsure whether election officials would maintain the records or opt to shred ballots and delete digital files at the first opportunity.

Today another Jeff, Jeffrey O’Donnell, known as The Lone Raccoon on Telegram, posted this:


Mike Lindell has asked for the name, address, and email of every clerk who has rejected a CVR so that legal action can be taken to prevent destruction of records. I have been waiting for something like this, and better late than never.

Every rejection should have in the email the name of the clerk and their address/email.  Just make a list and send it to Be sure to specify the county name. In most cases this should just be a cut and paste job.

But Mr. Raccoon, you might say, we have been sending you rejection emails. And its true. But it seems simpler for you to send the relatively small number yourselves than for me to organize the 1000 or so I have received from you. So... you are doing me a favor. And I appreciate it.

Time is of the essence. Thank you!

The above has been submitted for Minnesota.

A special thank you to Paul and Jill for compiling most of the list for Minnesota.

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted CVR requests to Dominion, ES&S, and Hart counties asking for the 2020 General Election cast vote records.

No cast vote records in usable format have been received from any county in Minnesota for either 2020 or 2022.

One benefit of the recent push to get cast vote records has been to help election clerks, staff, and auditor/treasurers learn more about the electronic voting systems relied upon to run and manage elections fairly. The cast vote record is a solid report that demonstrates 100% of votes tallied by the system and is useful for identifying ballot stuffing or digital manipulation.

Bear in mind that Minnesota Statutes 13.01 GOVERNMENT DATA, Subd. 3. Scope refers to dissemination of public data.

So far none of the rejections that I’ve looked at have referred to a “federal law, a state statute, or a temporary classification of data that provides that certain data are not public.”

Part 1 of this CVR series looked at Todd, Chisago, and Washington.

Next, let’s take a look at a few more rejections from Morrison, Stearns, and Douglas.

Morrison County

The following is just one email between Morrison County Auditor-Treasurer Chelsea and a resident of Morrison County, Jeremy. Jeremy and the writer have met with Ms. Robinson and have interacted on the KLTF 960AM radio program in Little Falls.

Good Morning Jeremy,

In follow up to your email. The Cast Vote Record (CVR) is utilized in Morrison County specifically for write-in votes. I have shared that other counties/states may utilize this software in different ways. Here in Morrison County we utilize CVR for write-in votes, however in the State of Minnesota it isn’t a requirement to utilize this software. CVR is simply an additional tool in our tool box we are able to utilize. It is something that we implemented in 2020 and found to be beneficial, so we are continuing to use it in this year’s elections.

When you reference the City of Osseo, they utilize the Cast Vote Record (CVR) differently than Morrison County as we do not have Rank-Choice Voting (RCV).

I shared our practices here in Morrison County with the County Board on Tuesday 8/9/2022 pertaining to CVR and also shared that other counties and states can do things differently. My main priority is our elections here in Morrison County.

In viewing your screenshots it looks like it’s under both Erik and your personal webpages. I didn’t see anything from the Minnesota Secretary of States website. I can’t decipher where you pulled that data from. If you could please email me back the links that you utilized in providing this data so I can better understand and address your concerns that would be greatly appreciated.

I understand that you are aware that we utilize paper ballots in the State of Minnesota and the law requires counties to hold election results for 22 months. I also know, just as you do - that in order to have an audit conducted to an election it has to be ordered by the Secretary of State or a Court Ruling. When you and Erik met with Morrison County’s Officials in May you shared information that was your missions to change the election process. I shared with you that in order for those things to happen, laws would have to be enacted on. In Morrison County, we are following the Minnesota State election laws and Minnesota rules on conducting fair and honest elections. We have been transparent about our elections, the process, the machines and much more. By law, we held an open house for our Omni Ballot Machines and less than 10 individuals showed up. We also, by law conducted our Public Accuracy Testing (PAT) prior to the Primary Election to show and test all of our machines to the public. Since there is so much concern around election processes, it’s unfortunate to share with you that not one person from the public came to view our testing prior to the elections.

We all know that just because there is a specific software, it doesn’t mean that all counties utilize it or its required. Another example, some counties in the state of Minnesota use modems to transport the election results to the Auditor’s office on election night (using internet based connections). Here in Morrison County, we do not utilize modems as we feel strongly to not being connected to the internet.

We hold high integrity within our elections here in Morrison County. My office door is always open to having discussions around elections with anyone who has questions or concerns.


  Chelsey Robinson

    Morrison County Auditor-Treasurer

    Morrison County Deputy Registrar

    P 320-632-0153 | F 320-632-0139

    213 1st Avenue SE, Little Falls, MN 56345

Stearns County

After visiting in person with Randy Schreifels, the Auditor-Treasurer as well as Laura Laudenbach, Divisions Director License Center & Elections on July 18, 2022, this writer was hopeful that Stearns might produce a cast vote record from 2020 or from 2022.

Douglas County

Shifting gears slightly, the below response is to a request for the Aug 9 2022 Primary Election CVR for Douglas County, sent by candidate Nathan Miller who apparently lost a narrow race according to the MNSOS unofficial results.

A CVR would go a long way toward transparency of those results to ensure no ballot stuffing or digital manipulation occurred.

As per this post, it appears Mike Lindell’s team will be sending letters to many if not all Minnesota counties based on their inability to produce cast vote records to recommend they not destroy evidence pertaining to ongoing litigation.

Thank you to all Minnesotans who stepped up in their counties to be part of this movement toward transparency and verifiability of election process and results.