Silenced But Not Ignored

The attempts to put a muzzle on inquiries into American elections were as myriad as the campaigns to muzzle children and subject them to experiments throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022. Millions of accounts across numerous platforms were given strikes, demoted, and banned for the slightest mention of anomalies from Nov 3, 2020, much less calling it for what it was.

In-Person Influence Operations

In Minnesota, I’ve witnessed the attempted silencing of dissent with the orthodox narratives blend into the in-person realm. The Executive Director of the MNGOP Mike Lonergan potentially violated the convention rules and the MNGOP constitution by barring my participation in the endorsing convention for Secretary of State where 2,000+ delegates would have heard me speak on election fraud and the dangers of using electronic voting (electronic voting was embraced at the convention).

A Vice Chairman of the MNGOP’s Congressional District 8 called my friend Mark Bishofsky, a people-and-convention endorsed grassroots candidate who fought to stop the mandates (against whom the MNGOP nevertheless positioned their own primary opponent) advising him not to speak with me on a podcast on election improvements.

An event organizer in Olmsted was spoken to by not one but two members of the Olmsted GOP advising against having me for this presentation in Rochester.

Apparently some were irritated that I’d filed to run for Secretary of State despite being denied a chance to speak by the Party during the endorsement convention. No one knows what may have happened. Shouldn’t the people have gotten a chance to hear what I had to say? It would have been the wrong thing to do to accept their attempted censorship.

Short of preventing me from speaking or preventing others from hosting events, a baker’s dozen of people within, close to, or adjacent the Party have recommended I change my tune. Of course the millions of us who want to save America will never give up our daily work to end the current enslavement perpetrated in part through an electronic voting system which explicitly lacks transparency through vendor contracts preventing a study of the source code, and whose overall design includes so many red flags as to suggest intentional design. All are welcome to seek a path to free ourselves from these chains and our minds from control, whether one considers themselves a republican, a democrat, a libertarian, an independent, or merely a constitutionalist who loves this country and wants to change the future for their children and grandchildren.

Plausible Deniability

In commissioner meetings, a woman in Sherburne was removed simply for speaking about the 1st Amendment and drawing attention to her commissioners inactivity and unwillingness to hear valid concerns regarding their Dominion Voting Systems, the same systems which were subverted in Mesa County, Colorado.

Commissioners in Crow Wing and Carver have mostly balked at watching 2000 Mules, much less the more important Selection Code, featuring the Tina Peters story of a clerk doing the right thing to preserve election records so the public could verify the process and results in her county, stymieing Dominion’s attempts to cover their tracks.

So far the search is still on for an election clerk in Minnesota who is more interested in election transparency (in producing a cast vote record) than in keeping their job. For her heroic work in saving the images of her Dominion Voting System (DVS) Election Management System (EMS), Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was arrested. In New Mexico Commissioner Couy Griffin has been removed from his post for standing in the gap against tyranny, where now his commissioner votes to remove electronic voting machines from his county are being nullified by the decision of a Santa Fe judge.

Those who attempt to shield the public from the light use plausible deniability for wickedness (instead of good), preventing you from hearing what you need to when you need to in order to act in a timely and effective manner. Their hope is that by the time you learn the truth, or enough of the truth to start asking questions, the frog will already be boiled.

But as the frogs were brought upon Pharoah, the alignment of We the People (worldwide) to defend those who would harm children and to patiently seek the truth represents now an army of frogs that cannot be boiled. The rush to bring a totalitarian hush was a wake-up call for too many of us.

Why the Physical Ballots and the Cast Vote Records Are Key

When I returned from The Moment of Truth Summit, where stories were shared from all 50 states and the machines were put on trial, a call to action there meant that cast vote record requests were flooding election offices throughout the country. Already almost 500 have been collected by Jeff O’Donnell, Draza Smith, and others to demonstrate statistically significant evidence of ballot stuffing and/or digital manipulation. Along with the “Rosetta Stone” showing the fingerprints of fraud that is the Mesa County image, patterns across CVRs highlight how and where election fraud occurred.

No CVRs have so far been provided in Minnesota, probably a breach of the data governance laws, Minnesota Statutes 13.01 and 13.03, (this data is public unless classified) as documented here, here, and here. It is telling that so far exactly zero administrators, attorneys, auditors or election clerks in Minnesota, in denying the public data requests, have been able to list the statute which prevents them from providing the public election data sought by the public.

With more than 700,000 missing absentee records documented by Rick Weible on Midwest Swamp Watch, that this was a safe and secure election in Minnesota was already beyond reasonable doubt as early as November 29, 2020 based on only that fact alone.

In combination with ongoing litigation with major machine software and hardware vendors which prompted Mike Lindell’s lawyers to send letters to county offices across the country, the tremendous outpouring of public data requests like this one, this one, or this one, to Minnesota counties (even small counties received multiple requests), led those offices so far to my knowledge to stay their hand in the shredding of ballots. It seems that at least for the moment no ballots have been shredded and minimal loss to digital election data has taken place for the 2020 General Election (besides infractions like this one in Chisago County).

The paper ballots in combination with the cast vote records provide two key election records which can be cross-referenced to demonstrate a fair election process and accurate results.

To shred ballots or delete election data at this juncture is tantamount to an admission that not only voter fraud but election fraud occurred.

Election fraud is emphasized to distinguish it from the lower concern of voter fraud as Jeffrey Lenberg has done here and here:

  1. Level One: Voter Fraud - 2000-Mules type fraud, powerful if coordinated by an election cartel as showcased by Katherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips to print ballots at NGOs and hand delivery in batches to Zuckerberg-funded dropboxes
  2. Level Two: Election Office Election Fraud - Where an official is complicit, such as by scanning stacks of ballots more than once
  3. Level Three: Nation-State Level Election - Wherein the electronic voting system is subverted by a small number of bad actors exploiting known weaknesses

Those who control the machines, control who wins – but we don’t have to use them

Everything exists within the machines themselves to subvert an election.

Those who control the machines, control who wins.

But we don’t have to use the machines.

With already two townships in Sherburne County passing hand tally resolutions for the August 9, 2022 primary election, the pattern is set for townships and counties across the state to return to a simple, safer, and less stressful approach to conducting a free and fair and transparent election.

Dr. Walter Daugherity, Jeffrey Lenberg, and Mike Lindell on Day 2 of The Moment of Truth Summit, Aug 21, 2022