Return to In-Person Voting

A Unanimous 3-0 Vote on Tuesday night reverted Collegeville Township

Collegeville passed resolution to become mail only

Klein worries mail-in balloting will increase the likelihood of fraud. “There are a lot of us who do not believe mail-in balloting is safe. And so, we’re wondering why we were forced into this when none of ‘we the people from Collegeville Township want that,’ or no one that I know of anyway.”

More counties in SD ready to hand count and do proper audits

After successful hand count demo on Monday April 1, on Tuesday April 2, in McPherson County, South Dakota, the commissioner board voted to do a 100% post election audit of all races (minimum standard is SD is 5%, 2 races).

Misleading Alpha News Article Title

MNGOP Chair and Exec Committee have nothing to stand on, are simply trying to make people believe they do, while leaving delegates out of the process, in my opinion illegally.

Letter to Exec Committee

We're at a crossroads; we will either have a political Party that is of the people, by the people, and for the people; or we will be ruled by an oligarchy.

Resolution 23-29 from Crosslake City Council on Absentee Ballot Administration Shared with Crow Wing Auditor and Commissioners

The Crosslake City Council indicated with a 4-1 vote on Monday, December 11, 2023, their intent to do their own absentee ballot administration for upcoming elections in 2024 (for elections after the Presidential Primary Election).

Cross Lake City Council Passes Resolution 4-1 that the Crosslake City Clerk Intends to Administer Absentee Voting

The following speech was given yesterday to the Crosslake City Council, which the City Council passed 4-1, the first resolution of its kind in Minnesota history.