More counties in SD ready to hand count and do proper audits

More counties in SD ready to hand count and do proper audits
Photo by Dave Hoefler / Unsplash

Key updates:

  • McPherson County, SD will to 100% ALL races post election audits.
  • Gregory County, SD voted 5-0 for a 100% hand count of primary election
  • Hearing tomorrow on cast vote records

After successful hand count demo on Monday April 1, on Tuesday April 2, in McPherson County, South Dakota, the commissioner board voted to do a 100% post election audit of all races (minimum standard is SD is 5%, 2 races).

The county initially rejected the hand count petition but will reconsider after the petition is amended to keep the assistive voting devices (the county was concerned about being sued based on disability rights).

The commission also backed away from a potential ordinance to require petitioners of any kind to carry the risk of paying for any lawsuits arising from a commission acting on a petition.

Rick Weible was in attendance, with Clay Parikh and Jessica Pollema remoting in.

Meanwhile in Gregory County, commissioners voted 5-0 recommending a 100% hand count of the primary election (in South Dakota, the SOS pays all expenses for post election audits)

An election reform team in Lawrence County raised money to hire an attorney in the event moving forward with the hand count petition leaves them in court.

Last night, Rick Weible hosted a 30-minute segment on Lindell.TV when Lindell was pulled into an emergency meeting. Rick covered:

  • what to look for on election equipment and certifications
  • EAC, cast vote records
  • Weible announced he intends to keep all counties accountable to compliance in federal election retention of records laws under 52 §20701.

Tomorrow in South Dakota there will be a hearing at 9am for a cast vote records case for 4 counties

  • people in Pennington, Lincoln, Minnehaha, and one more county requested but were denied these election records
  • took to board of hearing examiners, said weren't public
  • appealed
  • refiled since atty didn't do filing and due diligence leading to dismissal
  • looking forward to 2 hours in court to hear out case

This weekend Rick Weible will give three hand count trainings in Rapid City and Spearfish.