Misleading Alpha News Article Title

Misleading Alpha News Article Title
Photo by Oliver Roos / Unsplash

I've long held my tongue about Alpha News but the following article demonstrates how fake narratives get spread...

GOP legislators urge state party to reverse decision on Otter Tail County delegates
At least four Republican legislators have called on the state party to reverse its decision to invalidate Otter Tail County’s delegates.

There simply isn't any decision to reverse, because the MNGOP Chair and the Exec Committee have NO say in whether delegates are elected in the precinct caucus...

MNGOP Chair and Exec Committee have nothing to stand on, are simply trying to make people believe they do, while leaving delegates out of the process, in my opinion illegally.

Doing so calls into question the entire Minnesota election process thereafter, at minimum from the standpoint of candidate endorsements in CD7 and statewide. (Similar election interference occurred in Otter Tail in 2022, and no one has been held accountable despite someone on the CD7 Executive Committee admitting to it occurring. This is also missing from the Alpha News story.)

Every BPOU Chair that wants a clean process should be helping others learn about the facts here. And so should a supposedly conservative news organization. And yet...