Did ES&S lie about cast vote records and ballot images?

Did ES&S lie about cast vote records and ballot images?
Photo by USGS / Unsplash

Professor David Clements interviews Jessica Pollema of South Dakota.

As of right now, the ballot images in Minnesota are listed as non-public data, not to be released, however that change came in 2023, a surprise since many county attorneys and auditors had been claiming they did not exist prior to that...


You can read more of Jessica's work on the SD Canvassing Substack, with articles like:

The Dam is Breaking..... and Serbia?
The dam that big tech, the mockingbird media, CISA, DHS, DOJ, FB! and the C!A built, which has kept the flow of true information behind the iron curtain of tyranny, is breaking. There’s no going back. The foundation is broken, the walls are crumbling, and there is nothing left but to tear it down. The truth is pouring out and the torrent of true information is flooding America.
The last couple of weeks in South Dakota brought the conflict between the grassroots and the establishment to a boiling point. For three years now citizens have been bringing their concerns about the elections to county officials and legislators. At the county level, most commissions ignore and override. The South Dakota Association of County Officials, led by Kris Jacobson, promotes legislation and county action against the election integrity movement, by telling the sheep how to vote and what to think. And in counties where the citizens are really effective, there is a coordinated effort amongst the State’s Attorneys to fight them with lawfare. All of the above are in cahoots with the Secretary of State’s Office, and possibly the Governor’s Office. The events of the last month paint quite the picture.
If you read our prior article below, you’ll remember we mentioned the auditor training (CISA and ES&S indoctrination session) held in Pierre. This is where the “training” session started off re-iterating the 2024 pre-election rhetoric that the PEOPLE are the biggest THREAT to the elections.