Otter Tail

Those of you who believe MNGOP leadership, including DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES to conventions and the State Central Committee, should be familiar with the laws, Constitution and rules of OUR Party....

Misleading Alpha News Article Title

MNGOP Chair and Exec Committee have nothing to stand on, are simply trying to make people believe they do, while leaving delegates out of the process, in my opinion illegally.

Did ES&S lie about cast vote records and ballot images?

Professor David Clements interviews Jessica Pollema of South Dakota. As

Letter to Exec Committee

We're at a crossroads; we will either have a political Party that is of the people, by the people, and for the people; or we will be ruled by an oligarchy.

Judicial Election Interference, Part 3

An opening was exploited by a corrupt players in a corrupt system. Susan Shogren-Smith was determined incorrectly by Judge Leonardo Castro, the Chief Judge of Ramsey County, to have committed a fraud upon the court...