Letter to Exec Committee

Letter to Exec Committee
Photo by Konstantinos Kaskanis / Unsplash

Of the MNGOP, concerning the disenfranchised delegates in Otter Tail County (for the second time in two years)

The following was sent by an Otter Tail County delegate to the Executive Committee of the Minnesota Republican Party (MNGOP), also posted on Facebook.

There is a clear pattern, conducted by MNGOP Chair David Hann and Tommy Merickle (and Harry Merickle) to disenfranchise delegates, across not one by TWO precinct caucus dates, in 2022 and now again in 2024. In 2022, this led to Jordan Rasmusson becoming an illegitimate state senator, still seated today and may have also affected other state level endorsements in 2022.

Dear Fellow Republicans, @followers

I come to you with deep concern over the direction of our Party. The Republican Party of MN, and across the nation, is splintered. Our country is being destroyed by the radical left, and there has been very little opposition to stop it. If we, the Republican Party, do not unite to defeat this godless ideology and wicked agenda being thrust upon us, we will cease to be a free Republic. Unfortunately unity cannot exist where there is no common goal or objective. Saving our nation will require a deep commitment to patriotism and love of country; this was the bedrock of our Republic. Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the preservation of this nation; the times now requires the same commitment from us. Unity will not come to our Party by ignoring the issues that divide us, rather it will come by eradicating those things which are destructive to our common goal. There is an element within our Party that seeks to make the Republican Party an organization that is run from the top down; thus squashing the grassroots.

We're at a crossroads; we will either have a political Party that is of the people, by the people, and for the people; or we will be ruled by an oligarchy.  You all have the opportunity to decide whether you are on the side of “grassroot's patriots,” who've been lied to, cheated and disenfranchised; or, are you going to side with the “establishment elitists,” who are funded by lobbyists, lawyers, and a big donors? Both the Minnesota GOP Chair and the Ottertail County Republican BPOU leadership have done everything in their power to silence "We the people." By now you should all be well aware of the nefarious actions perpetrated on the residents of OTC by these people. In 2022 there were anywhere from 30 to 100 delegates and alternates added after caucus night (2/1/2022);, which was done in order to tip the scales in favor of their handpicked candidate, Jordan Rasmusson. In 2023 the leadership of OTC Republican Party unilaterally suspended 33 duly elected delegates, an action that was neither supported by the OTC constitution, nor by the MNGOP constitution. This year (2024) our Caucus was set up in such a way as to create chaos and confusion, which was designed to once again disenfranchise the grassroots voters of OTC and prevent them from participating in the democratic process. The BPOU leadership of OTC intentionally held back the forms that needed to be given to the precinct chairs. They also created new forms which forced people who wished to participate to pledge blind allegiance to “ALL” endorsed candidates, even if they’re unprincipled individuals. Binding a person to support any and all future candidates is coercion, and it strips the individual of their ability to follow their own conscience, which is itself immoral.

I urge you all to stand for what is right! Stand for what is good! Stand for principles and ethics! Let’s make the Republican Party the Party of honesty, integrity, and transparency. The good people of OTC have been through enough at the hands of unprincipled and unscrupulous leaders. The ball is now in your court. Let the will of the majority, the grassroots conservatives, prevail. 

Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.