Collegeville passed resolution to become mail only

Klein worries mail-in balloting will increase the likelihood of fraud. “There are a lot of us who do not believe mail-in balloting is safe. And so, we’re wondering why we were forced into this when none of ‘we the people from Collegeville Township want that,’ or no one that I know of anyway.”

Sherburne Auditor-Treasurer Diane Arnold Announces Retirement

Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 382.02, the County Board will begin its effort to select and appoint an Auditor-Treasurer to complete the balance of the current elected term, which ends on Jan 4, 2027.

Otter Tail

Those of you who believe MNGOP leadership, including DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES to conventions and the State Central Committee, should be familiar with the laws, Constitution and rules of OUR Party....

More counties in SD ready to hand count and do proper audits

After successful hand count demo on Monday April 1, on Tuesday April 2, in McPherson County, South Dakota, the commissioner board voted to do a 100% post election audit of all races (minimum standard is SD is 5%, 2 races).

Did ES&S lie about cast vote records and ballot images?

Professor David Clements interviews Jessica Pollema of South Dakota. As

Judicial Election Interference, Part 3

An opening was exploited by a corrupt players in a corrupt system. Susan Shogren-Smith was determined incorrectly by Judge Leonardo Castro, the Chief Judge of Ramsey County, to have committed a fraud upon the court...

Ham Lake City Council Comments

On Election Integrity On Monday night, the Anoka County Election

Trouble in SD50, Part 1 of ???

The KEY POINT in this video... Teri Hovanec says that she has previously submitted her resignation. That is significant because it immediately terminates her membership.

Steps to reform

Imagine you're selling a new way of doing elections.

Modems in Tabulators? Part 1

While many have rightly shifted their focus to the electronic pollpads and their software, which could function for bad actors as the eyes, ears, and even the sleight of hand in an ongoing election...