A brief timeline of election codes (statutes) put in by the Minnesota Legislature, related to key election process components and electronic systems with a focus on tabulators (which count and tally votes producing cast vote records) and electronic pollpads (integrated election software for real-time monitoring).

Have the major changes led to an increase in absentee/mail-in voting? Have the changes made it so that counties have less choice about whether to use electronic voting equipment and systems?

When were the people asked about any of this?

Timeline from most recent to historic...


  • in session, house, senate


  • tabulators mandated for precincts that used them previously (example of an ex post facto law)
  • ...

Law about Mandated Machines for Tallying Votes

This law mandates the use of electronic voting machines for tallying votes in all elections.

These machines must undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure accuracy and security.

Additionally, there are provisions for auditing and verifying the results generated by these machines.