Trial on Patriots' Day in Dakota County

In a recent email Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, wrote:

“Now, we are preparing for 2024, focused on three non-negotiable goals:

Election processes must follow the law.

Voter rolls must be accurate.

Citizens, sheriffs, and legislators must be equipped to participate.”

That’s a hope (and mission) of many patriotic Americans.

The first one—election processes must follow the law—reminds me of last summer where it looked like multiple cities in Dakota County were out of compliance with Minnesota statutes. That led to the MNSOS dispatching their #2, David Maeda, for damage control, although he appeared to be covering things up in a July 2022 Sherburne County commissioner board meeting.

Related to this, on National Night Out last (Aug 2, 2022) a man was serving a councilmember in Rosemount, Minnesota, and was attacked (by councilmember’s son) as he was leaving. While that councilmember resigned (in my opinion, plausibly because she brought attention to the ongoing election corruption and reform attempts), the volunteer process server while defending himself from this attack was charged with a crime. That trial is set for 9/11/2023.

The service was for MN Supreme Court Case A22-1081 which was not dismissed on its merits, merely on laches, pointing out that Dakota County cities brought in software, a new system, without informing the public properly, according to statute.

This is not the first time election administrators have been caught breaking the law in Minnesota. Nor is it likely to be the last. (For instance, the election offices of multiple Minnesota county’s have admitted to counting absentee ballots prior to election day, which is prohibited in statute, and at least one complaint was filed on same and a case went to the MN Supreme Court on same which said it was okay to break the law.)

But notice how a man, a volunteer process server—who is simply providing the service in order for the case to be heard—is being treated. It is the same playbook we’ve seen all over the country. I’m praying for the family and hope to attend the trial since I didn’t see the inside of a courtroom during my recent jury duty and good things happen when you show up to shine light on darkness.

Read the full 117 pages of exhibits from the A22-1081 Supreme Court Filing