Why Did You Enter the Race So Late?

As I think is clarified on this website (https://erikformn.us), I’m joining the SOS race later than others because the truth needs to be spoken about machines, mules, and mass mail-ins.

Whether a result of watching 2000 Mules (free on Bitchute) or by other means, in a matter of weeks most Americans will be very interested in the details of 2020 in their state, if not already quite aware of the coup (book by Patrick Colbeck) that took place.

This is a great opportunity to have this essential conversation with friends, family, and at the level of secretary of state, who is responsible for administering election law in the state of Minnesota, Chairing the State Canvassing Board, and convening the electoral college.

Drastic change is needed from our legislature—it’s time to ban electronic voting equipment without certifications, end mass mail-in ballots, and vote on a single day using counterfeit-proof paper ballots hand counted in small precincts.

Until the legislature steps up, County Commissioners can make decisions locally to remove machines from their counties. Yes, those that do will face tremendous pressure, but they will also have tremendous support from We the People—and our numbers are growing daily as word gets out… the truth has a way of doing that. A rigged system serves only the elites and the establishment, not you and I.

County Commissioners names are on their local elections and it would be unwise to certify upcoming elections that are run on Dominion, ES&S, or Hart systems given what is now known about them. Only by removing machines and plugging other gaps can a county even be confident they elect the school board candidate that a majority of people vote for.

The SOS race

If I stay in the SOS race for Minnesota (the filing period begins May 17th), in the coming months I will learn to the utmost detail what it takes to do the SOS role come January 2023. I’ve already learned much and I take a humble approach to try to learn more every single day.

Working with teams seeking audits and teams working with their counties and with dozens of people who bottom line care about their country has taught me much and equipped me. I’ve attended Mike Lindell’s Symposium, reported on Crow Wing County and Dakota County, and joined the chorus of men and women asking during a county commissioners meeting for Sherburne County to have a public hearing on their Dominion machines.

I also continue to evaluate Kim and Kelly as SOS candidates since one of them is likely to be endorsed (60% of delegate votes needed) at the state convention in Rochester this weekend, May 13/14. If either of them chooses not to abide by the endorsement, or I stay in the race, there will be a Primary Election on August 9, 2022. The General Election is on November 8, 2022.

Just as joining the race was my decision and mine alone, what I do next will be as well.

Why I’m not in the endorsement process

As for why I will not be in the GOP endorsement process: MNGOP Executive Director Mike already said in an email on May 5th before the proposed signature deadline on May 6th (responding to my May 2nd email) that they wouldn’t accommodate me. After asking for a phone call and not getting one, I received a followup email on May 10th repeating the message of May 5th. I am assuming, since no details were provided, that signatures or no signatures the party has made up their mind. Yes, I might have notified the party sooner. Yes, they might have been more helpful once I did.

Today, Wednesday May 11, there is a meeting with candidates who’d like to be endorsed. I’m not invited. In the past candidates have missed this meeting but still been part of endorsement process. I could legitimately raise these issues at the state convention, however doing so is only likely to delay proceedings—there will be other issues to resolve, for instance whether the convention should use electronic voting equipment or paper ballots for voting. If the convention uses electronic voting that cannot be audited, can delegates have full confidence in the results? Can candidates who didn’t win safely exit the race, or should they go to the Primary?

With regard to my exclusion, by now many already see what happened (or saw what happened in their counties and BPOUs during delegate selection process) and can draw their own conclusions.

However I will attend the state convention as a delegate and will host an event Friday evening for those interested in meeting one another and learning more about practical steps they can take in their counties to remove machines and reform elections. See the event details below and RSVP to erikvanmechelen@protonmail.com.

Meanwhile, regardless of decisions I make in coming weeks, I will continue my reporting here (https://erikvanmechelen.substack.com) if only to inspire others to cover the truth about elections as this story unfolds.

Remember, events not dates. And We the People can help to make events happen. Show up every day and use your God-given talents.

Upcoming Events

Learn more about machines, mules, and mass mail-ins at these events:

Along with his wife Erin, David Clements just did a 3.5 hour presentation to Otero County, New Mexico County commissioners. Quality and quantity of evidence is up there with the Mesa County Report and Antrim County’s.

This is a clip from the Otero County meeting.

Watch the full meeting. Read the Mesa County Report and Antrim County reports. If you are a homeschooling mom or dad, have your children read these.

One event is tonight, Wednesday.

Then we have an event Friday in Rochester. If you are attending the convention and whether or not you are seated as a delegate, it’d be great to connect with you.

I’ve also been invited to speak about machines and give a recap of the state convention at this event on Saturday, May 21.

Bigger picture. It’s really important that the Minnesota story of the 2020 election gets told clearly so that everyone can dig in, seek the truth, and understand it for themselves. That’s what I’m trying to do here.

There are many pieces and fragments and threads (of which many of you reading have played a part) that the people of Minnesota need to hear. Even if it won’t unify everyone, eventually fixing elections will be a unifying issue. I think that time is very close.

Minnesota went for Trump easily, yes. But the entire election system is broken. That election system starts with how we choose delegates and whether we use electronic voting to make endorsements.

Alternatives to electronic voting are available for conventions as well as our primaries and general elections—counterfeit-proof paper ballots hand counted in small precincts—as described by Col. Phil Waldron here.

If any aspect of this newsletter has helped you, please share with your neighbor. It’s time to love our neighbor (wanting the best for him). This is an information war and it’s critical to have access to information which has for months been censored.