Yes or No? on HF2900 - Frontline Workers Pay Bill Must Have Stop Vaccine Mandate Amendment from Erik Mortensen

Dear Members of the Minnesota House of Representatives,

Addressing all Representatives in the House because when we pause to think for a moment, this shouldn't be a party-line issue.

Vaccine mandates for a non-emergencies are detrimental to public health and there will likely be legal consequences for those who have contributed to that agenda. Please consider the last sentence carefully even if you've previously acted in favor in spite of the data trends—I urge you to vote with your conscience going forward.

The Stop the Vaccine Mandates Amendment from Representative Erik Mortensen should be added to HF2900 before consideration of its passing. Otherwise the vote should be No.

Will be watching and request your careful consideration.

For further information regarding the second paragraph of this notice please consult The United States Department of Defense Law of War Manual (chapters XI and XVIII were of particular interest to me) and do feel free to reply with questions as I do not pretend to understand the full extent of this document nor international human rights laws nor precedents like the Nuremberg Trials—my dedication is to seeking the truth and doing the right thing with the available information and I would welcome collaborators toward that end.

Thank you and Godspeed