Decades of Election Fraud

In conversations I’ve found many skeptics and healthy skeptics on election fraud, which has only deepened my commitment to seeking the truth.

Lately it’s become apparent that election fraud has probably existed as long as elections were held. Given the stakes, why wouldn’t people cheat?

As technology has advanced, the sophistication of the manipulation has improved. Along with the long lasting lie that there are two distinct political parties in America, the people have been made to think their votes are not only counted but matter toward the (s)election of candidates.

From Ordros Analytics, Inc.

Recent revelation of fraud in the Morrison County GOP precinct caucus showed Minnesotans that the Republican party is far from clean. It doesn’t make sense to blame Democrats or to blame Republicans because they basically answer to the same masters. As for regular citizens, I’ve found in conversations that most people are simultaneously liberal and conservative (if standard definitions are used) and thus those labels to me are evidence of one tactic of twisting language to serve the deceptive end of dividing the populous.

I view the recent news from Morrison County as a strong positive because it has helped me ask basic questions of local officials to learn whether they care about those facts or not, which has been useful to build a map of who is taking the truth seriously.

To back up the theory that election fraud has gone on for decades, I went to Project Apario and typed “election” into the search bar.

Then I decided to start a timeline entitled Election Fraud, Worldwide (in progress on Project Apario), with the first document from the JFK assassination files is dated 1961-05-09 with "Perhaps they will attempt to switch voting machines."

This airtel was sent to the Director of the FBI in 1961.

Contribute to the timeline yourself by searching "election" on Project Apario—which in the future will be a decentralized censorship proof truth repository.

There are currently 5,720 records that mention “election” on the website, all available through declassified government records and other .mil or .gov public sources, in other words OSINT (open source intelligence).

Eventually I imagine each of us will contribute to local OSINT (by uploading FOIA’d documents and other public records) because it is there we will learn how to fish instead of being spoonfed by the media, which will continue to lie until it is no more.