Your news

Your news
MSM = irrelevant 

With the CIC's "mug"shot heard around the world in the rear-view mirror—for a nice explanation of its meaning, try this (and do look up the references)—it's time for the people, yet again, to find where we want to contribute to making timely information available to those around us. Why? Because the MSM has been shown to be irrelevant, including to watchers who thought it still was, when Trump went on Tucker (261M views) during the GOP debate on Fox and then Trump's photo, with ELECTION INTERFERENCE (likely referencing EO13848) having now reached nearly 250M views on just the original post in just under 72 hours.

By practicing our civic duty, which includes passing news to our friends, family, and neighbors, so that all may be informed so as to give informed consent, we gradually make ourselves more deserving of a Republic.

The simplest way of course is word of mouth. Conversations, phone calls, video chats, a wave over the neighbor's fence. When combined with the positive energy of in-person meetings and events, information can flow quite quickly.

Email lists and newsletters. Keep these for various areas and topics that interest you. Can make contact groups in most email providers by hand. Others use sophisticated software with targeting. Residents for a Better Bloomington (RFABB) sends one every few weeks.

Substacks and equivalents. Midwest Seeds has been the best way for me to share updates as it tends to get read by about 1,000 Minnesotans. For others I like, consider The Zark Files (Andrew Paquette), The Future of Communications (Martin Geddes), or South Dakota Canvassing Group (Jessica Pollema).

Audio and video podcasts also serve a purpose. I rarely watch full length podcasts or videos but that's a preference of mine. I tend to learn more when I remove inputs (by taking walks or hikes) than by connecting more things/voices into the tangle. This may be because I'm still developing my discernment.

Websites with mailing lists like Project Minnesota have a place because citizens like you and me can write about what's happening locally or keep a record of consistent attendance at commissioner meetings (like the ACEIT group in Anoka County). Cause specific sites like Rebuild the MNGOP or Save Minnesota are effective because they offer information not offered anywhere else.

If you'd like to contribute news stories to Project Minnesota, just email - the easiest way will be to get you setup to write from the comfort of your home with your own login/password. With enough of us doing this, we won't have to spend as much time complaining about the other news that is broadcast, which most reading this know is scripted at best, intentionally harmful at worst.

Okay, going out for a walk. Enjoy.