Mercy Hospital Ignores Effective Treatments, Hires Fredrikson and Byron at Midnight to Argue Restraining Order in Scott Quiner Case with Intent to Remove Ventilator Imminent

According to Red Voice Media, “Last night at midnight, Mercy(less) Hospital hired a powerful Minneapolis law firm to ensure this action moves forward, with the deadline of noon, central.”

This came after the hospital “asked Anne Quiner to be part of keeping her husband sedated so that he does not suffer as they execute the determination to unplug the ventilator and end Scott’s life,” as reported on Minnesota Black Robe Regimen.

This after the previous day Anne Quiner was shown a progress note by the hospital that said they had the authority to move forward no matter what she thought, regarding her husband’s fate.

Previously, on a recorded call with someone at the hospital, she expressed the potential option to move her husband to another hospital or use an ECMO. Clips from that conversation was shared on the Stew Peters show on January 12, 2022 beginning at the 1m40s.

Hospital rep: “We do not have an ECMO machine…”

Anne Quiner: “But how about some nutrition to get him stronger… there are other things you guys need to do on your protocols to help people survive through Covid and not just medicating them with more drugs…”

Hospital rep: “Yeah, unfortunately, if we could turn back time and he had gotten the vaccine—”

Anne Quiner: “This  has nothing to do with a vaccine, there’s people that are dying in hospitals with vaccines too, just as much.”

Hospital rep: “Not in my experience.”

Anne Quiner: “Oh, have you been to the VAERS website lately?

According to their Facebook page, Mercy Hospital describes itself as follows: “Nationally recognized for clinical excellence and compassionate care, Mercy Hospital, part of Allina Health, is a 271-bed, non-profit hospital serving the northwestern Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.”

It goes on to say: “As part of Allina Health, our mission  is to serve our communities by providing exceptional care, as we prevent illness, restore health and provide comfort to all who entrust us with their care.” (Emphasis added.)

On January 11, 2022 at 4pm Mercy Hospital posted the following: “Due to the increased rapid spread of COVID-19 and our commitment to delivering safe and quality care to all of our patients, we have updated our visitor guidelines for all of our hospitals and clinics. Effective January 11, 2022, our visitor status is red, which means no visitors allowed with limited exceptions.”

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