Brookings County, SD and Anoka County, MN Citizens show the power of truthful speech

On Monday Rick Weible spoke (YouTube) in Brookings County alongside Jeff Struwe and Janette Gibbons showing proof (Project Minnesota) from the 2022 Dodge County, Wisconsin election that machines miscounted ovals filled by fold-lines in absentee ballots as overvotes (in the case of an overvote, the voter’s choice is cancelled for that race—this could easily have happened on hundreds if not thousands of ballots, affecting race outcomes during the midterms in Wisconsin). Weible also references Cynthia Walker’s update in Mississippi. Struwe covered South Dakota contingency’s meeting with execs of ES&S (93-page transcript here, which I’m yet to complete myself, coming soon!) while Gibbons spoke about love as a powerful energy to counter fear after reflecting on 9/11.

The next day, Tuesday, the Anoka County Election Integrity Team (ACEIT) gave 5 more speeches in Anoka: 1) Three Facts by Troy Cooper, 2) CVR Issues by Channing Stowell, 3) Muskegon MI by Brenda Miller, 4) FirstNet by Sue Peterson, and 5) 7th Request by Derek Lind. See their previous work in Anoka County commissioner meetings here—a recipe any independent group can learn from.

The Anoka team is distributing post cards with key

Speaking directly to representatives and decision-makers, proclaiming the truth, on camera, is perhaps the most effective way to not only create change but also to make that change a lasting one. Join in! You are sure to learn more about your local government, about elections, and about yourself. Our Father will be with you the whole way. Ask Yeshua for guidance—and keep asking—and you will receive it.

I have NO doubts that we will have fair elections in the not distant future. It’s up to us to continue this work. For proof that changes are in the winds, look back at Cynthia Walker’s update in Mississippi… those are Democrats calling out fraud. This has never been about Democrat vs Republican. The Great Deceiver wants us divided. Our Father is bringing us back together.