Bush Era Over in TX

This interview with Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton (now back at work) and this closing argument from his lead lawyer for the trial on the Austin, TX senate floor, are worth the listen. (Thank you Peggy Tierney for posting!)

At least twice, AG Paxton’s lead lawyer for the impeachment trial, Tony Buzbee said, The Bush Era is OVER in Texas. (They can go back to Maine.)

Now, having been born in Texas, in Houston, at the heart of Harris County, about which in 2020 Paxton had informed Trump of a plan to mail out 2.7 million ballots, a plan which Paxton stopped, helping Texas’s electoral college votes go to Trump (this consent decree plan was not stopped in states like Georgia, Wisconsin, or Minnesota), I’ve paid some attention to goings-on there and have visited a few times in recent years.

Even though it no longer seems to me that Jesus Christ (Yeshua) was born on 12/25 (but rather on 9/11), I’ve with my family attended the Christmas Eve service at St. Martins Episcopal Church a couple of times since 2020, where the Bush family are also members.

While not the most impressive church I’ve been inside (see the Hagia Sophia), St. Martins is an impressive building, and in 2021 was completed a $66 million renovation. Part of this renovation installed the Magnificat Organ, which sits at the back of the church on the balcony where this past Christmas my family sat, wearing our jackets, because despite the multi-million dollar renovation, the heating had failed. In previous years we’d sat right at the front, treated to a beautiful solo sung by a man with a black mask between his mouth and the microphone.

Many have commented on the church losing its way. It probably started centuries ago—religions are man-made—but in very recent years when so many closed their doors when they were needed most, congregations saw their church leaders for what they actually are.

In early 2020 I still hadn’t gotten on a good path and one night found myself writing an article for Jeb Bush until 2am in the morning. Low Energy Jeb never thanked me for the article, but seeing as I was on the third tier of ghostwriters and only about one paragraph that I typed made the final piece, I don’t feel that hard done by.

At the time I didn’t understand the extent of Bush 41 (11th Director of Central Intelligence) and Bush 43 (sitting president during 9/11, The Patriot Act, the Iraq War) and the entire Bush regime’s influence on establishing the United States Inc. empire, one which seems destined for dismantling—the hints of controlled demolition are all around you. There must be worldwide peace and not endless wars.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."  - William J. Casey, CIA Director (1981)

In the 20-teens with my family visited Bush Sr.’s Presidential Library. Now I wonder how much of it was propaganda. I wonder how much of the truth was omitted. I wonder…

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” - 1984 by George Orwell

Lately have been packing up books in the basement (where I sometimes work) and moving them to the garage. Out of sight out of mind. This after carrying grocery-bags worth of texts to the Free Little Library down the street where the wooden container is often full (mostly with children’s books). And, anyway, do I want to drop propaganda I no longer find useful on someone else’s lap, or even donate them to the library for yet more unsuspecting readers? No. So, maybe these books will be found by a future me, dusty, in the back of the garage, reminders decades from now about how lost we were.

I have great respect for the leading men like AG Paxton in Texas, or what women in Texas, like Lori Gallagher, an honest citizen like you and me, are doing (see her Substack on Texas hand counting). Friends I speak on the phone live there (spent 2 years in high school back in Houston as well). My mom and dad also live there. If you drive south on Interstate 35 from Minnesota you eventually get to Texas. All these states are united, they can be united again, in our lifetimes, if not very soon.

Why was there started against the Attorney General of Texas an investigation almost as soon as he beat George P. Bush in the Texas AG election? Was it because of Paxton’s work to protect the ballot box in 2020? Was it because of the headaches he is giving the Biden regime? Is it because he is standing up to the weakening remnants of the Bush dynasty?

Despite the massive interruptions of AG Paxton’s work in Texas, if we look at the 36,900-foot view, consider this… Have we possibly just seen a precursor to President Trump’s trial which begins on March 4, 2024? Just like for Paxton, will Trump’s lawyers have to prove he is innocent (instead of innocent until proven guilty)? Will the public get to see, just as with Paxton, that no significant evidence will be brought by the prosecution? And what’s more, is it possible we may be treated to something more interesting from the defense, such as substantial evidence from the rigged and stolen election of 2020?

Speaking of Texas and Texans who are fighting election corruption with every breath, Catherine Engelbrecht (in this battle with True the Vote since 2009) sent out this useful visual guide to open records requests and Freedom of Information Act requests. Please use it and let me know how it goes!


Thank you to Peggy Tierney next door in Wisconsin for posting the two videos linked at the beginning of this article:

The Texas miracle...
If you only watch one thing today - make it this interview. It’s one of the most important interviews that Tucker has ever done. You cannot fully understand the miracle that occurred in Austin, Texas this past week when Texas Attorney General Paxton survived a Senate trial to remove him from office until you watch this interview.