Rebuild the MNGOP today

On Thursday May 12, 2022 the state central committee (SCC) of the Minnesota Republican Party met. State convention met on Friday-Saturday May 13-14, 2022.  This post is a continuation of this post and a summary of details on


The MNGOP lost ALL its affiliates like this:

  1. State Central Meeting: state central delegates refused to certify affiliates when the hard deadline to adjourn was reached (meeting minutes here)
  2. State Convention Day 1: delegates did not amend rules or agenda because the MNGOP constitution does not authorize them to certify delegates (meeting minutes here)
  3. State Convention Day 2: all business after 6pm was out of order because delegates did not vote to suspend the rules (meeting minutes here) [those present may recall that hundreds of people were leaving—the minutes show merely a motion and 2nd for extending meeting time, BUT there were no longer the ~1,400 people present required for a 2/3 vote to suspend the rules, and no vote was done nor mentioned in the minutes]

Note that the GOP constitution does not allow for the state convention to certify affiliates. Additionally, as per its own rules, the state convention adjourned at 6pm (18:00) and any action taken after is null and void, including amendments to constitution—this puts major party status in further jeopardy according to 200.02 subd. 7. because the 2022 constitution filed by Chair David Hann is not properly adopted (it was factually per the meeting’s own rules never adopted), meaning latest on file with MNSOS is 1988.

See state central rules here AND state convention rules here.

Let’s unpack how the affiliates were not certified (and are therefore now LOST)…

Regarding the Thursday May 12 State Central Committee meeting, Republican Party of Minnesota Chair David Hann wrote: “Due to time constraints, the State Central Committee was unfortunately not able to complete its work today in recertifying our statewide partner Republican organizations. We value the contributions these organizations have made to our party and want to continue our relationship with them to build and grow the Republican Party in Minnesota.”

Then, the day following Day 2 of the State Convention, where time constraints led to the blunder described above, Barb Sutter, Minnesota Republican National Committeewoman, wrote this on Twitter:

Now, even IF the constitution was properly adopted and amended (it wasn’t, since all business after 6pm was out of order), the 2-year window for affiliate recertification expired in April 2023. The party missed two chances to recertify the affiliates at the Dec 3, 2022 SCC meeting and again at the August 12, 2023 SCC meeting.

Then—readers by now should not be surprised—the Chair submitted documents to the MN SOS proving non-compliance (scroll to bottom of link).

This all matters because it puts the party in jeopardy of losing its major party status, which means:

  • no presidential primary
  • no precinct caucuses
  • no absentee ballot board members
  • no election judges
  • and much more…

When was the last time in recent years that the false leadership of the party did anything to promote republican principles, demonstrate accountability, or rally around the truth (such as that of election fraud)?

Therefore, we cannot wait for the false leaders. At this point, it’s critical for state central delegates to call a meeting, clarify the facts, and allow the proper discussion and work be done to address all areas where party is out of compliance. It can be argued this is a duty of any delegate because it is their role to protect the party and make sure it holds itself to account. It is in part why I am writing this article.

Now that this info is out there, I’ve heard that the party exec board who held an emergency meeting now wants to call a state central committee meeting for sometime in December, after the deadline set by the 200.02 subd. 7. major party status statute? What’s the point of calling a meeting so late as to continue to put the major party status at risk?

My belief is by now there are already enough state central delegates who are concerned if not have already delved deeply into the topics here to call the meeting and begin righting this ship. It would be a huge shame to continue letting false leaders finish the job of crashing it permanently. Go to RebuildtheMNGOP and Fill Out this Affirmation-send to

Won’t it be great to take this state back from these people who are helping to destroy it through their obvious either incompetence, wilful ignorance, or perhaps intention?

Don’t hide behind plausible deniability. Learn the truth. Step up. Take courage—if you’re a state central delegate who is ready to call the meeting or want to forward this post to a state central delegate near you…

Stay tuned for next article (later today) on the $$$ spent on various aspects of state convention as per the Campaign Finance Board. Keep in mind the party is $500,000 in debt. To share just one now… $46,000 on the electronic voting devices which at times didn’t work, for which no audits were ever shared even though one candidate asked for them (and they were promised if asked for by the Chair), and for which Chair David Hann spoke down to delegates for even questioning whether free paper ballots would be better. The rest of the expenditures certainly got me out of my seat…