Decisions for your Soul

Now that election-related posts have gradually migrated to Project Minnesota, other types of posts may at minimum provide interludes.

Someone asked recently if I watch TV and I said No. I don’t watch sports, live shows, almost anything, even many videos that are sent to me. Sometimes when hanging out with friends a show is mentioned and I feel like I used to feel in high school and college in the United States (after coming from Asia where the programming was different). Cutting TV was partly how I was able to learn what was learned in the last couple years, a part-time job. By removing inputs there is space created for healing and growth. Anyway, there are exceptions. Stargate was one of them.

Stargate SG-1, the 10-season TV Show is perhaps less widely known than Star Trek or Star Wars, but for me was more interesting—my wife and I have been slowly watching across the last 2 years.

The clip above will make more sense to those that watched the series but the context can be gathered from the clip itself.

Daniel Jackson returns (in ascended, energetic form) to help Jack O’Neill who is caught in a loop of torture at the hands of a false god who tortures him to death before rebuilding his body in a sarcophagus.

Daniel tries to hint at a way out but Jack does not want to listen to him. Jack is angry at the situation and ticked off that Daniel won’t help him. Daniel could help him but he would suffer a major penalty to do so as it is against the rules for ascended beings to help those at the lower plain of existence.