Learn to Hand Count Tomorrow in Coon Rapids (and Nov 9 in Linwood Township)

Learn to Hand Count Tomorrow in Coon Rapids (and Nov 9 in Linwood Township)

While at Lindell's event in Missouri this August it was the third year to connect with certain people and I commented that I hoped it was the last that we would convene in efforts to alert others to the problem of basically no transparency where it matters in election process and systems.

One missed opportunity from these events were a focus on sharing ideas on solutions to various aspects of election law, process, procedure, and systems.

Rick Weible has so far put on I believe 3 hand count studies in summer - I attended the one in July 2023 - and a group in North Carolina recently evaluated three separate hand count methods and found Rick's to be the most efficient including setup, training, and counting itself.

Hand counts don't solve fraudulent mail in ballots nor all types of electronic manipulation but they do get members of the community, neighbors and friends from all walks and backgrounds and political tendencies working together on a common goal, not unlike the experience at a farmers market, the as was beautifully put by the Election Data Analyzer recently.

Go learn! Then teach others!

Something is certainly brewing for 2024 and this is a chance to take part in history… the first verifiable accurate, open, transparent and therefore trustworthy elections in our nation's history, as far as I can tell.

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