Open Forum Speakers Address Removing Dominion Machines at County Commissioners Meeting in Sherburne

First Crow Wing, then Dakota, now Sherburne.

On Tuesday April 19, 2022 at 9am men and women voiced their concerns about the certification of election machines, the vulnerabilities inherent to election machines in general, and the desire to have them removed from future elections in Sherburne County.

A rally beginning at 7:30am will be held outside the government building prior to the next county commissioner meeting May 3rd.

In the following video, speakers on Dominion begin at 9:46 through 26:01 and then again at 33:44.

This video provides a high level summary of 2020 data for Sherburne County (YouTube | Rumble).

Nye County Commission Meeting

Dominion analysis:

J. Alex Halderman’s website – see for example, Analysis of the Antrim County, Michigan 2020 Election Incident

Jeffrey O’Donnell’s website – see for example, Mesa County Report Proving Database Manipulation