Petition to Reverse Resolution to Appoint Auditor-Treasurer in Morrison County Gains Momentum

In August 2022 the Morrison County Auditor-Treasurer submitted her resignation and that resignation was effective in September 2022. However this person remained on the ballot because it was too late to remove the name. (No one could file to be considered at that point either.) Despite resigning, that person won the election but declined the position.

On Jan 17, 2023 a public input meeting was held in Morrison County to discuss the future of the County Auditor-Treasurer position.

The County wished to make it an appointed position.

Every resident speaking in the public hearing spoke in favor of keeping the role elected, including a former Auditor-Treasurer of Morrison County and the Morrison County Democratic Party Chair. Despite being public, this meeting was only posted on the County YouTube page after email requests and a question made on the UpFront radio show three days after the meeting.

Even though residents seemed to be against the move, a resolution was drawn and voted upon about a month later in the Morrison County Commissioner Board meeting on February 21, 2023, where the resolution was tucked into page 77 of a 79-page consent agenda.

Page 76 of 79 in Morrison County Commissioner Board meeting Consent Agenda, Feb 21, 2023
Page 77 of 79 in Morrison County Commissioner Board meeting Consent Agenda, Feb 21, 2023

Jump to 1:13:00 to hear the Resolution introduction and the vote that follows.

Once the decision was made by via a 4-1 commissioner vote in favor of appointing the County Auditor-Treasurer (super-majority needed, 3-2 would not have passed), the residents of Morrison County had a 30-day window to produce a petition to reverse the decision.

That window ends on March 22, 2023.

If 10% of the county’s legal voters sign (about 2,200 voters), then the County Auditor-Treasurer will remain elected and a special election may be held. The roles and responsibilities of the vacant position are currently being completed by three other staff in the department.

A team led by Jeremy Pekula is collecting signatures throughout the county from voters, many who were not even aware the resolution had been considered and passed 4-1 by their commissioners. But with awareness rising, voters are increasingly asking for petitions and collecting signatures to have a chance to reverse the decision.

Minnesota Statute 375A.1205 Subd. 6b reads:

“…within 30 days after the county board adopts the resolution … If the petition is sufficient, the county board resolution is rescinded.”

If you are a legal registered voter in Morrison County and want to sign this petition, please email Jeremy at: