Presidential Primary in Minnesota

In 105 days, on January 2, 2024—63 days prior to March 5, 2024, when the Presidential Primary will take place in Minnesota—chairs of major parties in Minnesota will have had to finalize and submit a list of candidates for the Presidential Primary election (list or rules). Other offices with primaries will occur later, in the August 2024 primary.

Minnesota is one of about five states that use precinct caucuses, and may be the only one that uses both a precinct caucus and a primary—the other ~45 states use only a primary. Could the new legislation actually be a way to do away with the caucus system in Minnesota?

Sunday’s post about major party status showed how current major parties (DFL, GOP, Legal Marijuana Now) could lose their major party status. Any that lose major party status would forfeit not only the presidential primary (on March 5, 2024) but also their precinct caucuses (February 27, 2024).

Lake Nokomis, MN - Could major parties be washed away?

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