Questions for Public Accuracy Tests

Questions for Public Accuracy Tests
Photo by Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash

Questions from Rick Weible on ES&S machines in general BUT ALSO to ask during Logic & Accuracy, #7-9 very relevant ...

1. Have you reviewed the EAC certificate for your equipment? – Yes or No
2. Do you have the manuals for your equipment? – Yes or No
3. Do you know what a Cast Vote Record is? – Yes or No
4. Are the Cast Vote Records publicly available? – Yes or No
5. Do you have the ES&S ElectionWare reporting software? – Yes or No
6. Do you review the logs on the thumb drives? – Yes or No
7. Is the public allowed to fill out ballots for public accuracy tests? – Yes or No
8. Do your test decks use a prime member in each of the races? – Yes or No
9. Is the report of the test decks available? – Yes or No

10. Do you conduct a hand count post election audit review? – Yes or No

If you answer 'No' to any of these questions, then essentially your county is not qualified to use the ES&S election system per the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines VVSG 1.0 as recent as 2005, which all the systems are tested towards.