3rd Party NGOs in Minnesota

3rd Party NGOs in Minnesota
Photo by Leon Seibert / Unsplash - Electronic pollpads are simply iPads, but they do much more

As many prepare for caucus night on Feb 27, and if planning to bring and propose these resolutions, here is additional background.

One reader asked: What are the 3rd Party NGOs in Minnesota?

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization.

Here's a short list of those involved in MN elections...

Voter Rolls 

ERIC - said to identify issues and clean voter rolls
Konnech/Pollchief pollworker management (in certain locations, like Minneapolis)

Integrated Election Software Through Electronic Pollpads or Pollbooks

KnowInk (which acquired BPro in 2021, a company that began in South Dakota), which has Total Vote (which offers election management, election night reporting, and TotalAddress)

Ballot Printing

SeaChange provides election services, including mail-in ballot printing...  (Rick Weible of USCASE.org bought ballots directly from them last year on net 30 terms)

To learn more about resolutions that can be proposed at precinct caucus, read this article...

Caucus Conveners and Attendees
Call to Action to Propose Resolutions From the Anoka County Election Integrity Team (ACEIT): Fellow Patriots & Caucus Go-ers: As you know it is only at our Caucuses that we are granted an opportunity to fine-tune our MN GOP Platform … to strengthen our stand as we defend our Republic. Our Election