Caucus Conveners and Attendees

Caucus Conveners and Attendees
6 goals presented by ACEIT to cities in Anoka County

Call to Action to Propose Resolutions

From the Anoka County Election Integrity Team (ACEIT):

Fellow Patriots & Caucus Go-ers:
As you know it is only at our Caucuses that we are granted an opportunity to fine-tune our MN GOP Platform … to strengthen our stand as we defend our Republic.  Our Election Integrity Team is making an appeal to you to consider partnering to strengthen our MN GOP Platform at the February 27th caucuses by proposing the two attached resolutions.  These resolutions center around the matters of:Supporting local control of election processes and reportingOpposing NGO (non-government organization) involvement, including the use of electronics

For more, see ACEIT's page:

Citizens in Anoka County began speaking with their commissioners prior to commissioner board meetings in 2022 although their group started up in late summer of 2021. In 2023, because of their consistency, a public comment segment was added to the end of commissioner board meetings, but notably the county turns