Salary Increase Exclusion for Newly Elected Auditor Considered in Minnehaha County, South Dakota

At yesterday’s Minnehaha County Commissioner meeting, to kick off the public comment section on this topic of salary increases, Jessica Pollema of SD Canvassing asked anyone in support of the current Minnehaha Auditor, Leah Anderson, the first auditor in the county’s history to be an accountant, recently elected, to stand.

Many did.

Then Rick Weible recommended option 2, which would leave the Auditor out of the increase, to be struck.

Further public comments ensued.

It was asked, Did this decision even come onto the table because the new Auditor was actually doing her job by asking good questions of the vendor, Election Systems and Software (ES&S)?

One later comment described how Leah Anderson was doing her job in asking questions, and in doing so is protecting the county, the people, and the commissioners from liability.

Election Facts and Laws with 2022 Violations and Issues Discovered in Minnehaha County: A Primer

Later in the meeting, Rick Weible spoke again to follow up on an email he had sent previously, titled, “Election Facts and Laws with 2022 Violations and Issues Discovered in Minnehaha County: A Primer”.

“So I’m glad to see that you’re now concerned about the elections. But don’t worry, our team already acted when you ignored the issues. The corrective action already took place when we legally replaced Ben Kite through the elections with Leah Anderson who was willing to learn and conduct the elections to the letter of the law. Whether it is by hand or machine, both are allowed, in Chapter 12 of the South Dakota codified law.”

His five minutes begins at 1:41:11.

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