Take this writing course with me

My friend and neighbor Alison is kicking off an online writing course.

I’m taking it.

Maybe you will too.

Alison and I have been writing friends since we met at the A-Mill Artist Lofts in Minneapolis, about 5 years, ago—half a decade! (5% of a century!)—where we often exchange ideas or even write together in the community room. There are other good writers living here, several published. There’s a glass-making musician at end of the hall writing a murder mystery. Two doors down is a novelist. We cross-pollinate.

Alison, I’ve known better: she has helped me understand how to read poetry, write carefully, how to research memoirs, the list goes on.

Note that the course has a sliding scale for payment simply by Venmo or Paypal, which essentially means you pay what you can at this moment. The course is good for all ages, so maybe your children can get a headstart on the most important skill to have today.

I personally canceled my Netflix (and a few other things) so that I could spend time away from the computer—where I spend most of the day working—focusing on reading and writing.

Here’s the course.

Writing your Personal Pandemic is a low-commitment online class focused on writing imaginatively about this moment.

Short video: https://vimeo.com/403089205
Long video: https://vimeo.com/401996328
Sample Exercise: https://vimeo.com/402947501

There’s more copy in the descriptions of those videos. But I say let’s do this together. I’m already inside. See you there.